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  1. I'm sorry, I don't know what you mean by "causing files to split". Please explain. Unfortunately I have a reposession; but the auto dealer's address is listed as my address -- are you saying that disputing the address can remove the negative re the repo? Thanks!! You can use it to your advantage, but you need to be very selective about it. Deleting an address can cause anything associated with that address to be removed from your reports. You don't want to lose any old positive TLs, though; that is why you'll want to be careful about it. If any of the addresses are associated with derogatories, sometimes you can get them deleted by disputing the address. Another thing I want to mention is that multiple forms of your name (Richard Smith, Rick Smith, Rich Smith, Rick O. Smith, etc.) and multiple addresses are thought to be what can cause files to split.
  2. I live in Brooklyn, NY; however one CR has my current address as some town in ohio I've never been in or even heard of. Come to think of it, former creditor's addresses are listed as past addresses of mine. Is thiws helpful, hurtful or neither? Thanks much!
  3. Need advice. After 2.5 years of reading, planning, checking it out -- PROCRASTINATION CITY!! -- I"m still a newbie. But I'm starting now. Anyway, I waited...until three judgments reared their ugly heads. Went to court and got them vacated but with stipulations of settlements with the three creditors. Are their any pitfalls I'm not aware of in just sending the CRA's copies of said stipulations highlighting the fact that the judgments are vacated and need to be removed from the CRs? I can only imagine. Also there's another one from 2002 from my landlord, paid immediately which was actually a technical "judgment for possession" and should never have been filed as a money judgment. Will just a letter from the landlord be sufficient for the CRAs to remove it? Do they even have to remove it? Thanks so much for this wonderful resource! VENCEREMOS!!!
  4. My neighbors/clients just got a default notice from their lender for the 17th of this month. The primary owner is a retired grandmother on a small fixed income; unfortunately the other residents of the home are pretty much underemployed -- sporadic non verifiable income. The amount owed is only $3,600 or so but it is a struggle for them. Will using the "dispute the validity of the debt within 30 days" option slow down the process? What else can they do to gain a little more time, like a month or so?

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