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  1. Are they a CA or just scamming people? If they are just scammers/criminals harrassing you, get your network guys and the police involved to get a phone number and file a warrant. If they are a CA, you definitely got a suit on your hands.
  2. Latryce


    I'd like to know the answer, too! Side note: I think that you should've waited to get your green card back BEFORE you got Experian to do their investigation.
  3. PFD means "pay for delete", it's what you negotiate with the credit agency or original creditor. There's a whole glossary of terms in the beginner's section. Dive in and join the party!
  4. But even if you didn't DV within the initial 30 days, you aren't neccessarily implying the debt is yours, correct? And that said, don't you still have the right to DV beyond that? And they have to validate (or at least stop activity until they do)? At least, that's what I thought I've been reading.
  5. Okay, this is what I've learned so far: To save time, you can get on the phone with Pinnacle and try to negotiate a PFD....either with a settlement or full payment. If you get them to say yes, be sure to get it in writing BEFORE you send any money. If they say no, hang up and call back to get someone else on the line who can. From what I've been reading, you should never take no for an answer and always go for the PFD...."settled" on your report doesn't look good and won't do anything for your score.
  6. Bumpity-Bump...I'm dealing with a Verizon charge-off as well.
  7. Hey Snarf, any luck with this? If you need to get bailed out, I can do it. Breeze, others, since there is a ga-zillion letters, all are worthy of linkage, can you let me know which ones to link the boxes to?
  8. Hi everyone! I'm so glad that I found this message board. I feel empowered and I'm ready to learn everything I can to get my credit right.

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