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  1. Good luck. Credit One has been known to be a little "sticky". When I tried for a GW a couple years ago they updated it as a CO dated 4 years after the fact. I finally gave up and it falls off mine in about 7-8 months.
  2. oops. I missed the part about it being in the listing...
  3. Seems to me since it is a short sale the buyer has all the leverage in this case. Threaten to walk unless they make this right.
  4. Nothing sound better to me than the sound of the 4 inch straight exhaust on my 6.6L Duramax. Just enough rumble without being annoying....and all the power in the world to back it up.
  5. I am TOTALLY not trying this "method" now. I wouldn't give up completely....try it with one. On the upside, I did get some cards for places I will actually use like Trek and Pottery Barn and A&F.
  6. Ouch. Unintended consequences. Eh, not a prob....I will B* them off in no time.
  7. I tried this EXACT process times 4 yesterday. 4 approvals but I also took 4 hards on EQ.
  8. LOL...NOT from a gummint computer!
  9. Are you a whore of any other type? Oh, the stories I could tell...
  10. I have this insatiable desire to obtain multiple ridiculously high credit lines. Oh, and I am a credit score whore....
  11. Hello, my name is JetTeach.....and I am a creditaholic....
  12. I have a habit of keeping my vehicles for well over 300K miles. The last new vehicle I bought was in 1996. Right at a year ago, I bought DW a 3 year old, hard-loaded Yukon Denali XL for about 1/3 what a new one goes for. Super super nice vehicle! Paid in full at the time of purchase. 3 years ago I would have had no hope of doing that.
  13. This is absolutely awesome!! So glad to see your daughter is doing so well, giraffy!
  14. NFCU is da bomb! They were a huge help to me when I was still rebuilding!
  15. How was the home buying process overall? Any complaints or anything? The preapproval was super fast and easy. They pulled credit and called to ask a couple questions. Had the preapproval back within 24 hours with like a 3.5% rate. They've treated us really well. Great insurance rates, approved us for our first high limit cards, and approved us for two auto refi's when our credit was still in the toilet. Just scared after reading some of the reviews on their site about the mortgage customer service and stuff... No complaints here. We were even less than 30 days from giving them our earnest check to closing.

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