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  1. Friend was talking about this over the weekend and I wasn't sure.... He let a credit card go and they placed a judgment on his credit...now a attorney is trying to get him to pay it. He is thinking of filing BK....but if he does that will it make the Judgment go away?
  2. Anyone have a direct fax# to lisa wallace @ experian? or any experian executive fax? If so, PM me please. Thank you!!!
  3. They are very slow. My ex had a m3 purchase and she paid it off and it off over 6 months ago...and it still shows a balance owed.....and then she leased one and it took 4 months to report....and has not updated since that first reporting. Weird.
  4. Question about DOFD. Looked at my friends report today and he had a motorcycle repo'd back in the day. He purchased it in 2004 and the first 30 day late was in 8/04 - so it has been 7 years from that first late payment. Is this grounds for having this account deleted from his credit? Any tips/suggestions would be helpful. It his only bad item. Thanks!
  5. johnnylong


    Question... I was looking on their site and even though I am not a resident of PA it seems I can join if I donate $10 to the parks...is this a good CU? Any non PA residents have feedback? Anyone try to get a credit card with them at the time of sign up? What kind of limits and what is your score/credit report looking like when approved. Are they an Experian pull? Any feedback appreciated!
  6. On my online account the logos are back to Public Savings Bank....they were switched to FDIC after the "take over" - but now are back to Public....anyone know whats up?
  7. My AMEX and Macys are reporting as closed on Equifax through usaa - but neither are closed...very strange
  8. BBB complaint. They will fold right away. simple.
  9. The Public Savings site is still up for enrollments...so I wonder if the program will still be the same, just handled under the new bank? I know someone who is a big online publisher and one of his affiliates is the Public secured card...and he said he hasn't received any notice of changes - and he said his affiliate link still works. So, who knows. You would think they would email all the card holders or something and let everyone know what is going on. For a secured card to get shut down by the FDIC before Fri is big - they must have done something very bad....
  10. D&B is a joke....they want me to pay $649 to "allow" me to have up to 8 vendors report to my profile...they said until I do that my number will not be validated and it is useless. So, if I open a net 30 account and give them my D&B# they will not report until I pay D&B??? Sounds purple....that is like paying Experian, Equifax and Trans Union to "allow" my creditors to report.
  11. I just called the 800 number and got my D&B number....now they said I have to wait 48 hours then register it on a government site. Why is that? They say I need to register it on ccr.gov in 48 hours or it will be inactive. What does the government have to do with my D&B number???
  12. $49 a month leave little profit...I was spending 5 times that a month just on postage. So, that leads one to believe that they are investing about 6 sheets of paper, 3 stamps and 3 envelopes on your credit each month. OP - you have been a member since 09...well over 2 years....so what have you done? If you have been reading here for 2 years you are probably more educated then skyblue.
  13. Why is it that every day now someone with a low post count asks the same question about another CRO? Sky Blue is a JOKE. Look at their site. Honestly, for $49 a month what can they REALLY do that you can not? They will just enter your neg accounts into a generic letter and send it off. The other day it was eCredit something...today Sky Blue....Lexington.....all jokes
  14. 5 monthly installments of $180? LOL - save your money!! Put that $1k towards a secured card and do it yourself!! Their site is a joke and full of bs. But that is just my opinion
  15. Ok...so I applied for auto financing at the dealer through the manufacturer. The financing application was strictly for that manufacturers financing - it did not give the dealer authorization to shop the loan. Nor did I sign a generic dealership application. So, I find out that they also sent it to 10 other banks. Here is the kicker: one of the banks mails me a copy of the "authorization" that was sent to them - which is CLEARLY not my signature. It was forged by the dealer. They had the one signature - why they couldn't even come close is beyond me - it is so bad - not even close. After
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