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  1. Mortgage discharged in BK7. My spouse was not on mortgage - only shows on my credit report. My spouse is on the Title to property. Is it possible to have wife Quitclaim her interst to me? Did not reaffirm and are probably going to walk away. If the bank forecloses would it only appear on my record? Would we have to wait the required years following foreclosure if I was the only person that the FC was reported upon?
  2. On the 16th I called "Discover personal loans" which is on "direct pay" of 444/ mo from my checking account requesting them to discontinue "direct pay" explaining that I was unable to pay my bill due on the 17th. This account has never been late. I advised them I would pay over the phone as soon as I was able. Discover loans has a terrible internet site. Basically all you can do on the site is view your statement. You cannot make payments. Anyhow, when I called the rep, I was told they could not stop my automatic payment without me faxing a request with my signature, which I promptly complied. Yesterday, the 20th, I looked at my checking account online and found they took the 444. I went to there site online and saw the payment posted on the 17th, the day after I faxed them to no longer automatically withdraw. I called customer service, explained the situation and requested the amount be credited back to my account. Rep said she would get back to me later in the day - problems with their computers. No response all day so I called a second time around five. I had to explain the situation once again to another Rep and was told they could not credit my bank account since I owed the money anyhow and my payment would be late. Needless to say I was angry at myself for not being more timely and figured I was screwed and just payed 444 that I didnt have to spend at the time. After all, it was my word against theirs. On the drive home I kept beating myself up for not being on top of the situation. I walk in the door at home and there on my desk is a envelope from Discover Financial. I almost run it through the shredder without opening, but then decide otherwise. To my surprise, its from Discover personal loans acknowledging that my enrollment in the Direct Payment Plan has been cancelled effective the 16th. It would appear that Discover has just confirmed in writing that they withdrew money from my checking account on the 17th without my authorization. Have they violated any laws abd what are my options?
  3. If I have used a relatives employee discount plan (Ford Motor) and I file Bankruptcy, then reaffirm the note with Ford, will they notify my relative of the bankruptcy?
  4. Citi - Premier Pass has been cancelled.
  5. A motorcycle loan paid in full by insurance Company after theft is considered a negative on credit report. Anyone know if this is really hurting score?
  6. A business card should not report on your personal credit. They only report on the personal credit side negative information. Therefore, it probably will not help personal utilization ratio.
  7. Current first 125. 2nd is 47. First is on DW name, 2nd is in my name. My actaul FICO's (709,717,711). My income is W-2 52,000, Sch C net 40,000. DW does not work. DW Fico's all around 650. Balance due on my CC is 3,200 (Could pay off if necessary). Only other debt on my report is auto loan bal 7,500. My first mortgage baloon payment comes due 3/1. They will not reset because I have the 2nd. Therefore, I will take my business elsewhere. 1st and 2nd total 100%of value. Rock Financial is big here in my area ( I believe they promote quicken products). I intend on trying them first. I would like to use only my scores and income/debt, if thats possible. I have 45,000 available in a savings account, but only short term (about three months). Therefore, I could pay off the 2nd before the refinance, but keep in mind I have use of these funds for only a few months so I need to refi back to the 100% value. Is it best to just show the 45,000 in savings and Refi the 1st and 2nd? Any creative ideas? Partial paydown on the 2nd and then refi? All advice welcome. Thanks.
  8. The harm is that someone else is doing your work for you. In school, it's called cheating. The FCRA and FDCPA aren't that long. I know there's no pictures to look at, but it's well worth your while to learn the material. If you don't want to learn how to do it yourself, hire someone else to fix your credit for you. If you've read it and *then* have a specific question, you'll find people will be more than happy to give input. Now you're just being a JackA** Could just be me, but I could have sworn that I did in fact ask a very specific question. The OP mentioned that he was going to quote some sections from the FCRA, I asked what sections he was going to quote, can't get much more specific then that. I don't have many posts on this forum, doesn't mean I'm not doing my homework or posting on other forums as well - which I am doing both. I am not in school anymore, haven't been for 11 years. If you can't see the difference between cheating and passing along experience then maybe you should go back to school if you're not in it now. As far as not wanting to learn it, while I am certainly still new in the credit repair area, I have upped my scores with all 3Bs an avg of 80 points in the last 45 or so days since I first started. I certainly didn't do this by not reading anything. U R right on point. If I new the answer offhand to your question, I would give you the answer. Someone on this board probably does and will give you the answer if they happened to read your post.
  9. I have had my card for about four years. I believe they do their reviews from the monthly FICO scores they report. My card started at 2000 went to 4000 then 5000 based on FICO increases, then down to 4000, down to 2000, then up to 2500. All within two years. AS my FICO shows decreases, they decrease my CL. As it increases they pump it back up. I enjoyed the surprise increases, but of course despised the decreases, since I have never been late with them.
  10. I dont have credit with Sams, but am wondering how they can report a 30 day late when your first bill was due 12/3. Not 30 day late until Jan 07. If thats how they report Id be closing the account tomorrow.
  11. Thanks for the explainations. I can live with that. Dont like it ,but it makes sense.
  12. There has got to be more to it than this. They are in business to buy debt and collect debt. The sooner that happens, the more profit they make. Is it possible they have unwritten agreements with the CRA or OC, not to accept PFD? More likely the CRA, since the OC just wants to get paid themselves.
  13. I am missing something somewhere. If a CA can accept a PFD, why wouldn't they? Why would they want to be put through the DV process and even court for that matter? I see countless posts of people offering PFD, but not accepted. What is the deal?
  14. I did the same thing 18 mos ago. Nothing happened except I got my number and went on. Unless things have changed in this time period you will be fine.

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