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  1. Hi All! I have two mortgage accounts that say reported since April but open since December. Does this mean I get the history since December or does my history start in April? Thanks.
  2. i am stuck on finding a pattern for the numbers. i know that if you multiply all of the numbers in succession, it equals the number that was on the screen with the russians at the end and all of the numbers added together equal 108 but there HAS to be something else. since it is all related to numbers that are punched into computers, i have been trying to find a link there. but this episode had me so doggon confused. like if desmond was on the island when the lost got there why did he not recognize libby. and who are the "others" really if they are the good guys. and what exactly are the good guys. and why do they have to pretend about who they really are. was the plane taken down on purpose? why did the lost survive a "crash" of that magnitude. anyhoot, i still have to look at all of season one. that's what hubby and i were supposed to have been doing this weekend but of course the game, the game, the game. arghh!!!
  3. Just saying hi to everyone. I havent been here in a while. Since before I went to Vegas. Hubby got a blimp on his credit so i have to take care of that. Otherwise, everything is going fine. Just really busy. Anyhoot, I have the itis from the food today so Imma check you all lata.
  4. ace from american idol was on half and half (upn show). he was a baseball player wanting to be singer. it was a repeat and i saw it when it first aired weeks/months ago. is this against ai rules?
  5. lol at the strip clubs. is coyote ugly in vegas? i wanted to go there if it is. we just wanted to have a lady's night. i guess partying.
  6. This is the big fight weekend and I am going for the all star cheerleading nationals so I am trying to find things for the girls and the ladies to do. We want to have at least one lady's night. And we want to have some type of group outing for the girls.
  7. tootie357

    20% 0f 300000

    we owned a home previously and sold it. plus we had savings.
  8. burn it all. i have a sunroom full of papers. just bought a heavy duty shredder for it all too.
  9. i'm a realist too!!! what am i dealing with? that's basically all i care about.
  10. uhhh, where can i get a fake me out slot machine? i actually want like three small ones to go on a table. decoration only
  11. hubby is watching "chris". details on extreme makeover???
  12. what happened with them on oprah? i never get a chance to watch her show.
  13. only the white daughter stands a chance. the black son does not care to realize that there is a gap. last night i was annoyed because the lady that did the seminar knew dayum well that something was going on and is gonna act surprised when chickipoo told her that she was white. come on now. argh. but i love the show. the dynamic is interesting.

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