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  1. Thanks for the input. Call up Amazon credit (who is really GE Money Bank I believe) and ask exactly what they need - they will work with you on getting certain things fixed. My company has several bus accts (including Amazon) through GEMB and when starting the acct, there are sometimes prbolems trying to valate or verify information. Before you do anything - call them up and speak to someone in underwriting. They should be able to square you away.
  2. Amazon has declined me and the reason is: Unable to verify business address Does anyone know what this means?
  3. Thanks, I have been in business since 2007 and my paydex is 76
  4. They declined me too. It is not an easy one at all!
  5. I got approved some credit this week: Accion Texas business loan $8,000 Sams Club business card $1,000 Staples CLI Still waiting answer from: Walmart Newegg Best Buy
  6. In my case it took about 3 months for them to report on DnB
  7. This is another one: http://www.bestbuybusiness.com/bbfb/en/US/pdf/BBY_DRC_credit_app.pdf
  8. ']NUMBERS EVERY TRUE CBHOLIC MUST HAVE ********************************* The underwriting number for GE / Amazon is 8669134275 Best Buy - Status; 1-800-811-7276 Borders (734) 477-1039 - Fax Application (877) 254-9229 - Status Update BP/Amoco Status Update (800)365-6204 (1-800-348-7959) Status Update Chevron/Texaco Business Card Status Update (888) 243-8358 Citgo Fleet; (734) 477-1039 - Fax Application (877) 254-9229 - Status Update Citi AA: 888-662-7759 Citibank Status:800-645-7240, 800-288-4653, 800-750-7453 Conoco - Status Line, automated 1-866-289-5622 Experian Business:888-211-0728 ExxonMobil Business Card(800) 903-9966 HD Commercial800-685-6691 Home Depot MC:800-720-0649 (Saundie) Key Bank:800-254-2737 Lowes - Status; 1-800-445-6937 Lowes - Underwriter;1-866-232-7443, (American based Underwriting) 1-800-240-0512 Lowes Fraud/UW: 800-444-1408 MBNA - 1-800-673-1044 Meijers MC:(801) 517-5560 Office Depot - Staus Line, automated 1-800-767-1358 Office Depot;800-767-1358, 800-729-7744 automated line to check status. Office Max - Status Line, atomated 1-800-283-7674 OFFICEMAX STATUS: (800) 283-7674 OSH 800.696.4674 Philips 66: 866-289-5630, 800-610-1961 Phillips 801-779-7369 Radio Shack;1-800-442-7221 Sam's UW:800-301-5546, 866-246-4282, (American based Underwriting) 1-800-402-6330 Sears - Status; 1-800-599-9710 Shell Fleet Card Status Update(800) 223-3296 Shell: 800-223-3296, 866-438-7435 Shell; 800-377-5150 Staples - Status Line, automated 1-800-767-1275 Staples: 800-767-1291, 800-282-5316 Sunoco Corporate Card(800) 935-3387,(800) 278-6626 Sunoco: 800-310-4773 Target: 800-440-5317 Tiffany:800-770-0800 VALERO (800)324-8464 ACCOUNT STATUS Valero;1-877-882-5376 Walmart;800-301-5546, underwriting 877-294-7548, (American based Underwriting) 1-800-240-0512 Wright Express; 888-743-3893 I see that this was the last post more than 14 months ago does anyone have an updated list that they are willing to share? edit: n/m...didn't notice the CB search had pulled up a thread in business credit
  9. expectator

    Key bank

    Could you let us know how did it go with these applications? for reference purpose only. Thanks
  10. You could try "Accion Texas" they seem to be lending for small business and do not require perfect credit.
  11. How long did you wait before calling them? I just applied today and the message said that will receive a decision by mail from 7 to 10 days. Thanks,

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