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  3. Bumping my own thread to seek advise on this situation further. Since the payments forwarded acknowledged the debt, I decided to take a shot in the dark and try a combination DV/Settlement letter; basically meaning I wrote that I was willing to settle if they could provide: proof of debt was indeed mine documentation that they had authority to collect exactly how they calculated the balance They answered by again threatening litigation, providing a copy of the the last billing statement only, and providing a settlement amount far out of my reach for now. These are my options as I see them, but I would like to know which option is best at this point. Reply with a request that I am in receipt of the last billing statement they provided, however there is no bill of sale or other proof included that they own the right to collect this debt Request a lower settlement amount that I can afford to keep them for suing. Ignore and hope that if they sue, I can elect arbitration to get them to go away. Again this is for a Syncrony account I owe a little over 2k on.
  4. Okay, thank you very much for clarifying. Now I know what I must do.
  5. I guess I misinterpreted the Open Accounts as bought debt. So this counts as a written contract? ugh. Do the payments mean I "acknowledged the debt as mine?" even though they were never paid directly by me or the DMP?
  6. Thanks in advance for any help on this topic. My abbreviated backstory: Founded CB in 2010. Cleaned my reports (small credit file) and began building good credit. Did the same for SO so he could buy a house. YAY. FF to early 2014. SO needed medical procedure. My insurance covered the procedure, except for high deductible which had to be paid. My SO was a contractor so he was receiving no income while in the hospital and recovering. We lived off my income and savings for that year, but it wasn't enough. Mid 2014 I was stressed over the impending trashing of my credit and attempted to negotiate with creditors. I wasn't having much luck so I did some research and found a reputable company for a DMP. I knew my credit would take a hit, but I figured it wouldn't be as bad as filing bankruptcy. My DMP did a good job for the most part, although there were four accounts they could never get the creditor to agree upon for payment amount. All four were with Synchrony. They still made payments, but eventually those accounts were CO'd and sold. Unfortunately, 2 were bought by MCM and 2 were bought by PRA. The DMP company continued making several payments to the OC and it appears the OC forwarded those payments to these guys. I notified my DMP and they stopped making payments and started adding those funds to other creditor's payments. My DMP contract states that they won't deal with debt buyers. I tried to lay low until SOL (SOL is 4 years in my state) was reached, but now I'm getting notifications from PRA and MCM about the accounts being transferred to their "Litigation department", although the letters state that "no attorney within the litigation department has personally reviewed the particular circumstances of your account." I'm 1-2 punching now (this is the first time I'll be sending a DV), I see some discrepancies I can dispute on my paper reports (good old "Factoring Company") to get started since laying low isn't working. They may be blowing smoke but there's 2 I'm more worried about as they are higher amounts. I've read they're more persistent for amounts over 1-2K. My main question is: IF they try to sue, can they state that the payments forwarded to them by the OC count as Validation or provide proof they are legal purchases of the debt? My other question is, IF they provide proper validation and I need to attempt to settle, can I reason that the payments forwarded to them previously were enough for a settlement? Here some info for that question: OC: Synchrony Bank CO Balance: 3,120.44 Balance: 2,265.04 DOFD: 06/2014 OC: Synchrony Bank CO Balance: 2,448.47 Balance: 1,788.47 DOFD: 06/2014 Thank you for any advice going forward.
  7. Sorry for the mix up. For you, and others who might be reading, let me explain the way our cards work. We have two types of accounts: store and AMEX. To talk about our accounts as " cards " mixes everyone up, because you can either have one card with one account (Macy's store account) or one card with two accounts. You cannot have a Macy's card which says AMEX with only one account--it will always have a store account on the AMEX. So if that is not too muddy an explanation, let me say that the CSR was likely either moving too quickly, or the two of you were not communicating, because none of our options include, AMEX only. It sounds a lot like you applied for a Macy's account, you were denied, and the letter will explain why. You may or may not have checked off the box for the SECOND account, an AMEX account, but either way it seems you were denied for any of our accounts. Thanks for the clarification. It's nice to have someone "behind the scenes" to give us bearing. I truly appreciate your time and information!
  8. Bleh, well the sales reps were adamant that by not checking the box (it was labeled Also Apply for Macy's Store card) they would not consider me for the non-amex branded store card. I understand that the Amex is also a store card, but I thought you could use it outside of Macy's? It was done from the card slider thingy (where you slide your CC and sign, etc.) I don't know if that matters. Thanks for the response. Again I'm not too broken up about it. I need to be gardening anyway and working up my AAOA.
  9. Looks like I'm the only one to get hard when requesting a CLI. I had my VS card for 18 months before requesting one - they pulled EQ surprisingly. At least my request was granted!

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