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  1. Hi CB ppl: I have a new mortgage, never had one before. Just wondering how mortgages affect credit scores. Since they are large and at this point, new. I have 13 yrs good history on cc's, term loans, etc. Utilization is low (7%-13%) no lates, baddies, public records, etc. generally the CRA's tell me my credit score is hurting because I don't have a mortgage, and apparently see mortgages as better types of credit. Any thoughts to give me an idea on how my Score is going to react?
  2. Has anyone ever attempted to take Experian, Trans or Exquifax to Court over not removing "badies". It seems to me they really do not investigate if the "item" is legit; rather just confirm it with the reporting company. Their responses are always " CALL THE PERSON REPORTING IT".. well, good luck with that. Why can't people just take the CRA's to court ( in the indiviuals jurisdiction)? Will the CRA's actually take the time to show up? or simply remove the baddie?
  3. I tried to dispute an inquiry... Experian was just like.... Hey; live with it, we aren't going to investigate. ( paraprashing of course)
  4. Be nice if people could just dispute inquiries with better success.
  5. Yeah I have to bump about 11 softs off first.... I justed wanted to know which ones counted....
  6. Can anyone give me a quick count? AR-AGRICREDIT ACCEPTANCE 02/19/13 AR-BANK OF AMERICA 12/19/13 CIC/EXPERIAN ALRTS 01/04/14 CIC/EXPERIAN RPTS 01/26/14, 01/25/14, 01/24/14, 01/23/14, 01/22/14 AR-CNH CAPITAL AMERICA LLC 12/03/13 CREDITEXPERT 1-866-673-0140 01/26/14, 07/09/13, 06/24/13, 05/16/13, 04/23/13, 03/14/13, 02/28/13 AR-ELAN FINANCIAL SERVICES 11/12/13 EQUIFAX 12/06/13, 12/15/12, 10/28/12, 10/07/12, 04/25/12 EQUIFAX 12/06/13 EQUIFAX INFO SVCS. 12/17/13, 01/04/13, 11/15/12, 10/16/12, 05/16/12 Equifax Consumer Services 01/19/14 ND-Equifax Consumer Services 01/27/14 Equifax Consumer Services 01/07/14 ND-Equifax Consumer Services 01/26/14 ND-Equifax Consumer Services 01/07/14 ND-Equifax Consumer Services 01/07/14 EQUIFAX INFORMATION SVS 12/20/13 FAIR ISAAC 01/26/14, 01/11/14, 12/18/13, 11/07/13, 10/03/13, 09/29/13, 08/31/13, 06/14/13, 02/07/13 AR-NAVY FCU 12/31/13 AR-PENTAGON FEDERAL CREDIT UN 11/26/13 AR-SEARS/CBNA 12/17/13 TRUECREDIT/COVERDELL MY 01/15/14 TRUECREDIT/VERTRUE 01/26/14, 01/24/14, 01/22/14
  7. E1401BDY20FST worked for me 1/26/2014 ALL Three scores and reports
  8. SO somebody set me straight on this.... is USAA allowing daily pulls or not? I remember them ( A while ago) starting to limit to 3 credit reports each month. True or False?
  9. neither am I. I'm guessing that EC subscriptions will decline....
  10. Shifter: MPM is sufficent for Transunion B*?
  11. Maryland got chopped today. I have also noticed alot of ND from EC..... I hope 2 pullers AMEX and MPM will be enough the next go around.
  12. it gives that message when you try to use a link where the session has timed out. you need to go back to www.myprivacymatters.com and re-login from there. Thanks Shifter: Problem Solved.
  13. Why is MPM always down for maintenance???? Anyone else notice this during last week?
  14. HI everyone: Long time no see.... haven't been around in a while. I logged back into CCT and they appear to have stopped allowing daily pulls ( Like 1 each month or some garbage?)..... I used to have EC,CCT & MPM...... So what's the updated daily pullers of choice when bumping TU & EQ? ADT

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