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  1. Thank you all. I was able to enter and leave US without any problems. 😃
  2. I experienced some complicated things in my life while studying as an international student in Canada. I won't explain it all here(way too long), but here is the summary. - Studied as an international student in Canada for 13 years (1997 ~ 2010) - Accumulated credit card debt around $20K during that time (long story, always made minimum payment and had average credit score) - Immigration visa problems occurred, and was forced to return to my country in Asia on short notice (2011) - Served 2 years in the army in my home country (mandatory military service for all males) (2011~2013) - Never went back after the army, and got a job in my home country (2013~current) - I have not paid back my old credit card debt in Canada since I'm living in a different country now (army+work, and actually forgot about it entirely.. until now) I would like to enter US for business trip purposes, and I wonder if I might run into any trouble when entering US. Will my old debt problem in Canada affect my entry into US, at the airport? Does Canada share its credit report with US? Also, is it wise to contact old credit card companies in Canada now to settle the debt? I do not plan to return to Canada to live (maybe travel only) Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you in advance.

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