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  1. DCU offerd me 1.24% for 65 months. Is that a good offer or does anyone know of something better. I had hoped to go 72 months
  2. So how many do I have to make? Does the dealer loose money if I dont make 2?
  3. Thanks in advance for any help on this question. I have ordered a new truck at the Dodge dealer and will need to finace it. The MSRP is 66K and I will be financing 40K. Chrysler is offering $1500 to finance thru them. Their rates are higher than the local banks. I have to make 2 payments before i can refinance. Should I go that route or just finance it with the local banks in the beginning. I havent checked my score in a few months but they were 783-805 when I did. The banks I have talked with will still consider it a new car but they will run a new report and I am not sure how much of an impact financing it thru Chrysler will have on my score.
  4. I tried to get it converted but no luck. tried to get the fee waived no luck . sent email to EO no response. the card is 11ys old. just tired of paying a fee for nothing . in the 11yrs I have had the card I have paid 650 in fees. almost as much as the credit line.
  5. just got my card renewal from Capital One and they want me to pay $59 to renew a $1000 CL card. my scores are between 770 and 805. should I tell them to lemonade off or should I renew. I am leaning toward lemonade off. Any suggestions. Sent email to EO but have heard nothing. I have several other card with BOA, Chase, and 2 others that don't require fees.
  6. raven730


    Finally made it. Never thought I would get to this point again but here I am. Before I filed BK in 2002 I could buy anything I wanted and my score was in the 800s. Then everything fell apart. I struggled thru for 10 yrs. paying higher rates, more for insurance and always worried about denial. But I had a plan. I waited till 2004 2yrs after BK to get my first mortgage. Paid a higher rate but was able to get the loan.In 2005 got 3 new cards 1000, 2600, and 5300 limits. Used them but always paid them off. Since 2002 I have never paid interest on a credit card. What a savings that has been. Refinance my mortgage in 2008 got a better rate and dropped the PMI. In 2011 I bought my first motorcycle. A new Harley. Paid 8% interest but I still had that BK on my report. My BK fell off my report in Sept 2012 and I could finally breathe. I refinance my house in Jan 2013 with a rate of 3.125 on a 30yr mortgage, opened a home equity for 20k and paid off the motorcycle. In October I applied for my first CC out of BK with Bank of America and was approved. My score was 805..I was so excited and proud I made to this point. I am not bragging i just want those out there who are where I was to know it can be done. Here is what I had reporting when my score was 805. Capone 1000 cl/0 bal opened 2005 Ge 5300cl /200 bal opened 2005 Household 2600 cl/ 0 bal opened 2005 Mortgage 131000 balance 530 mnth Home equity 20k cl/ 7k bal Student loan 28k balance opened 1998 Motorcycle paid off 20k loan For those thinking it wont get better keep going you will get thru it and be better on the other side. Just do your research on here and keep you head up. Still driving my 2002 car that is paid for so maybe that helped from having a car payment all this time.
  7. Thanks . how long before the inquiry stops affect my score. i know it makes a difference not sure how much. getting a new loan has an effect also just wanted to wait till my score was high enough for a good rate at the car dealer.
  8. Just started a refinance on my house. my scores are 778 770 and 768. I want to buy a car once my refiance is done. Anyone know when the inquiries and the new credit line for the refinance will hit my report and when would be a good time to go shopping for the car.
  9. Does anyone have a number for these folks. Just got my report and they are showing up. Contacted the lender associated with the inquiry and it was a different SS number. The lender sent me a copy and it shows the wrong SS and it indicates the SS belongs to a dead person. I got it removed from TU, Equfax, but experian wont budge. need some help.
  10. When do credit card companies review credit for renewal? mine is due to expire in 4/2012 when will they pull my credit to reissue my card
  11. I have 2 cars finance that have salvaged titles. Sounds like car dealers on here not wanting you to buy except thru them. I have mine at the credit union. one was %80 of book the other was ~ %70.. most will lend but not more than %50.. Geico and farm bureu and state farm all have insured the vehicles. They just have to see it first to make sure it is not wrecked.

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