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  1. I can't provide any tips or tricks, sorry. About 5 years ago, I had a small collection on my reports for a rental fee. I ended up doing a PFD with them. Good luck!
  2. The very last time I used my debit card at a gas station, my card was skimmed. The thieves tried to make $300 in purchases from Sears online, but luckily Sears caught the fraudulent transaction and I was notified. Since then, I only use my debit card at the ATM.
  3. For D*, particular cards don't matter to me. I've had at least 6-7 different Amexes. Currently back to Green, which was my first Amex years ago.
  4. I started at 1000 and never got above 3000 when I finally closed my IT. They are stingy for some, and for other they can be quite generous. IMO, 4000 is amazing starting limit for Discover. But for large balance transfers in general, Slate is a better card to try for.
  5. It took about 2 weeks for me to receive my card. I didn't get an instant decision. Like the above poster said, call them to find out.
  6. What a sad day...should I be cancelling tomorrow? PRM-21ST CENTURY INSURANCE 05/14/13 AR-CAPITAL ONE 09/17/13, 07/17/13, 03/18/13 PRM-Capital One 02/04/13 AR-CAPITAL ONE NA 03/12/13 CIC/EXPERIAN RPTS 01/26/14, 01/25/14, 01/24/14, 01/23/14, 01/22/14, 01/21/14, 01/20/14, 01/19/14, 01/18/14, 01/17/14, 01/16/14, 01/15/14, 01/14/14, 01/13/14, 01/12/14, 01/11/14, 01/10/14, 01/09/14, 01/08/14, 01/07/14, 01/06/14, 01/05/14, 01/04/14, 01/03/14, 01/02/14, 01/01/14, 12/31/13, 12/30/13, 12/29/13, 12/28/13 AR-CITIBANK NA 01/09/14, 01/05/14, 12/26/13, 12/05/13, 11/10/13, 09/17/13, 07/13/13,
  7. Interesting...I recently closed a cc withem them. I would like to get a chip and pin after getting rejected by SDFCU last year.
  8. In my experience, creditors don't respond to SC disputes. While logging in yesterday, I realized that there was an old dispute from last August that never received a response. You are better off disputing the traditional way.
  9. catindebt


    Well I must be doing something wrong, because I have over 20 cards but I'm way under 500k. I'll be a wh0re for a while.
  10. ^ The membership fee was $25. I never get any good Amex offers since I hardly use the cards. I use my Chase and Citi cards more.
  11. My first closure of the year: Amex Zync. I really wanted to keep this unicorn, but the membership fee just came due, and I'm trying to reduce the cards I have that come with annual fees. I hardly used the card. Next on my list: Discover. To think how excited I was to get approved with them. I hardly use this card and it is one of my lowest limits at 3,000. I will probably be heavily weeding my card collection this year and I won't be apping (unless there is an offer too good to pass up).
  12. Nice thread ! I joined the 800 Club, grew my credit lines significantly, and bought a new car.
  13. I only have the CSP. One customer service person did remark about how heavy it is. I personally think it's a plain-looking card.
  14. Thanks everybody!!! I live in New England, so I really needed something more than the compact I was driving. It's Green Pearl. I'm too cheap to go for too many options.
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