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  1. So true.... This entire thread gives me a sinking feeling...
  2. Cool.... You won't go into the long story but can one assume you are trying to douse the garden in miracle-gro?
  3. I was shot down earlier this evening as well for amazon. Called and said auto system offered me 250 increase to get to 950. With holidays coming up, I was looking for 3000 to get some electronics. Put on hold, wait 5 minutes, rep comes back and apologizes for the delay and says it will be a few more minutes...back on hold for another 5. Comes back and tells me to protect my identity, she needs to verify some info. Asks me a few questions about items on my credit report. I answer them all and she tells me, I'm sorry, at this time we can't grant a larger increase. You will get a letter in 7-10 days explaining the reasons. Really?!? If you knew I was getting the big N-O, why all the extra questions? Oh well, can't win them all.
  4. Thanks for the update. Congrats on the approval. At least it will help the AAOA in a couple of years.
  5. I know they denied the bt, but what about asking for a reduction on the interest rate. I mean, worst they will say is no, but could save you a couple of bucks.
  6. Thanks for the update... I've been continuing to pull, but am another 30+ pulls before being close to knocking something off, so I was hoping to hear one way or another before paying for another month of SCP.
  7. Congrats....must be the credit gods thanking you for helping many of us lower our utilization through the nice people at GECRB...
  8. +15 to get to 700!!! woohoo!!! time to move the bar up to 750... hopefully the 2 new AMEXs i just got approved for that are backdated to 1969 will help things out once they hit the report.
  9. Somewhat confused as I applied for an AMEX and the letter that just came showed a score of 684 yet my PSECU came in at 638. I assumed they would have been the same (or very similar depending on the day or two difference and that there were no other changes to my credit report).
  10. Don't let the score bring you down...enjoy the success of the deletion. I'm sure the score will catch up now that the anchor has been removed!
  11. Marv, I have seen you post this in the past. Can you attach the latest rate sheet for gte financial (used to be gte fcu). The website only lists best rates, not rates for different ficos. I was goings to send as a message, but realized others might be interested as well. Thanks so much!

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