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  1. Thank you for your response. I did start uploading at both. I had two unfortunate situations going on; 1.) a new counselor and, 2. a not well trained counselor. By September, I just was so disgusted. No outstanding owes, nearly a year of perfect rent and other bills (2 less than $100 total) and a CC at "0" balance. I had more than $32k in savings, I switched to a counselor in the local office and was approved within 2 weeks ( meetings). Closed in Oct., 2018 after 1st counseling session 11/17. It was a nightmare at every turn. They gave me a date for closing, I moved to a new location and ended up having to live in a hotel for 3 1/2 weeks, pay the seller $300 a day for my household to be in the empty house because the long distance movers arrived before the closing because of the delay. The delay was caused by NACA asking for a specific document that did not exist, but was being given documents that provided the needed information but the Mortg Closer didn't recognize that. The bank posted a 2nd close date but NACA didn't close for 20 days after that date.There were weeks where I could not get any NACA personnel to return my call or respond to email. I was having an anguish meltdown nearly three times a day toward the last 5 months. At the time of my approval and closing, I had no debt and $53k in a savings account. My problem was I was trying to "understand" and be patient. I am now in my home in another state but still wonder if all the unhappiness and mishaps was worth it. Still recovering from the level of stress and mental pressures. The organization is simply taking many more clients than they can handle. The Mortgage staff is unprepared and unable to handle non-routine circumstances. My mortg: $240,000 2.13% $17k buy down/closing cost and $10,000 principal payment one month after closing. P&I: $887/mo
  2. @andydallas so did the mark get removed from your personal and did things ever pan out were you could finally acquire the rental prop? enquiring minds want to know,lol. Fill us in on the good news

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