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  1. Does the best buy reward zone mastercard one not work anymore, or is or just me?
  2. Yes it is true if you pay your debt that telecheck will remove you but chexsystems will not. Chexsystems just updates the status to paid.
  3. Here is the website for Public Savings Bank....it says all applications accepted. Credit not a factor. Look into it. Public Savings Bank Secured Credit Card
  4. Not everyone can get a secured cc w/bad credit (I couldn’t), so where should you look for ccs if not an unsecured cc? You can try public savings bank....or applied banks....you can get secured credit cards with bad credit i dont see how you couldnt. Plenty of banks offer secured credit cards with no credit checks and some dont even do employment checks.
  5. If you have bad credit you shouldnt be looking for a unsecured card...
  6. That is sad but she shouldnt have sent that text message when it was so recent.
  7. THE SAVINGS ACCOUNT IS FROZEN What does CHEX have to do with anything For most banks and credit unions in order to get a secured card you have to have to open a savings account.
  8. Try these. Public Savings Bank Applied Bank
  9. In order to access USAA Deposit@Home you must meet all of the following criteria: â– You must be eligible for USAA property and casualty insurance. â– You must have a USAA checking or savings account. â– You must have a USAA credit card or loan, or qualify for one.
  10. I have a bank on chexsystems/credit report and I want to get rid of it. Do banks do pfd or no?? My guess is no but you never know worth a shot.
  11. Im using Identity Guard right now and just want to know if its good or not?? Im on my 2 week trial so if its good I'll keep them but if there is a better one please let me know so i could switch
  12. WHAT!!!! My score is a little higher and they asked me for $750
  13. I found this site 2 months ago....i started my credit repair journey 2 weeks ago so we'll see how things go. My score is 540 right now but i plan for it to be better by the end of the year. Hopefully things go well

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