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  1. Vehicle is still in my possession. I redeemed it. It's reporting as a repo only on Experian. The other two have either deleted it entirely (Equifax) or have no payment history reporting (Transunion.) Do I bother messing with trying to get the R removed from my Experian report? The address associated with the account is a PO Box. I have updated the address with Suntrust to reflect my current address. What is my next move? I have disputed with Experian who said it's accurate (letter.) MOV? Leave it alone for now? Goodwill to OC? No balance reporting, no payment amount re
  2. Closed 1 Feb! High DTI, VA Loan. Time to tackle the debt portion of it now that I have stable income, a $20K annual increase in pay from my last employer, and no baddies on my report - just high balances. Divorcing a narcissist SUCKS. But it's done and over with and I'm moving on to bigger and better things. Good luck to all who go through the process. I would definitely recommend Veterans United for a VA loan. They were awesome. Oh, and underwriting will always suck and they wait until the last minute to give a clear to close. You will have small panic attacks multiple times throughout t
  3. Messed up the name on the 4506-T for the IRS. Got kicked back. Re-did them and sent them back off same day. Appraisal was today. Cross fingers we can still close on 1 Feb
  4. New buyer here. Made it through AUS with no issues thus far. Tentative closing 1 Feb. VA Loan, high DTI but good income. Start a new job Jan 9, but in the same field for the past 10 years. He also imputed my second job about $1200 less per month than what I actually make (military reservist) and I still made it through AUS. I busted my tail since October and got a medical collection and two 30-day lates (boneheaded move on my part - thought everything was on auto pay when I went to a military course where I was cut off from the outside world.) They removed, scores shot up and I got bet
  5. Don't ever think it's amicable because that's what screwed me. It may end up that way, which would be awesome. Take half your money out of all accounts and open new ones. Change direct deposit immediately. Those are first steps. The rest can be figured out as you go along. Look up collaborative divorce if you think you two can be amicable. Look up an attorney that specializes in divorce litigation if you think division of assets is going to be an issue. Are you in an alimony state? And you absolutely need an attorney. Do not try to do this without one. You don't know the laws. Th
  6. If you wish to make a contribution to one of the charities I support, scroll to the bottom of my website. I'm a big supporter of Habitat for Humanity (building houses in the local area with them.) Also working on my own non-profit (waiting on IRS approval for 501©(3) status!) Thanks for all that you do!
  7. VA Loans cannot go above what the current rate is. It has to be refinanced to a lower rate. I guess my question is: if the rates jump again, am I SOL for refinancing?
  8. Question: rates jumped a tad after the election. If I lock in on a VA loan now, what are consequences going to be if I try to streamline refi later and rates are higher than what I am currently at? Will I not be able to refi to a lower rate? Plan was to take a couple points at closing to save cash on hand, then use streamline refi to lower the rate a little while later.
  9. Yep, those were the letters I mentioned sending out in my post. All CMRR. I needed to wait for a copy of the canceled check to show up online. Cashed by pediatricians office. The letters went out shortly after that posted. Waiting to see if they respond to my BBB complaint as well (for allowing my ex to make a charge against and account he was not on.)
  10. Update: it's off 2/3 CRA's. I have the canceled check from the docs office in hand. EQ is the one turd that won't delete. Sent out the form letter's to the docs office/HIPAA Compliance Officer as soon as the check was cashed. To be continued...
  11. CCT shows collection is off all but Equifax who updated it on 11/16. Jerks. Experian reported back to CFPB today saying my SS card wasn't enough to verify the other two incorrect socials, but they were "still working on it." I had disputed the collection over the phone as well. I said I had a ton of old addresses they refused to delete as well. ETA: They (Experian) have now refused to let me pull a credit report from myfico. It says something along the lines of Experian blocking me from accessing my report. Yet CCT had no issue. Someone is butt hurt. I went and checked CCT as soo
  12. Filing a claim with Tricare, but also sent out HIPAA letter to OC and a check to pay the balance. If Tricare wants a receipt, I'll just "oops" I forgot to mail it, and send it when it gets back from the pediatricians office. I'll update soon. They should have the letter etc. tomorrow. I've got open disputes (because I didn't read whychat's how to prior to this) with the CRA's, and an open BBB complaint. Let's see how quickly it comes off my credit report. Will report back when I get anything.
  13. I'd never pay the CA I was going to try a PFD with the pediatricians office. It's $195. If they won't do that and give it to me in writing, I will be doing HIPAA letters. If Tricare will pay the office directly, it may also take the collection off. I need to see what filing deadlines are for claims. Pretty sure it's a year so I need to get busy tomorrow. I just found out about it or I'd have done it a while ago. And just for S&G filed a BBB complaint to get their attention. I told them he paid for anything if he came in there again, since he had done it previously. Apparently that not
  14. I'll call Tricare in the morning. I'd rather just pay it and get it gone if the pediatricians office still has a relationship with the CA. I'm the sponsor for Tricare, but the pediatrician didn't bill them at all because he did not give them any insurance information. We are both legal guardians. Hence the reason I feel they needed to put the bill on him if he's showing up and telling them there is no insurance; and to bill me instead. D*** move on his part but not surprising in the least.
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