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  1. Hey guys... finally had a chance to play with this and wanted to report back the results. About 2 weeks ago I called underwriters and asked for an increase on my Gap Visa which has been stuck at its current limit for ages. I was denied, and I asked the rep. if it was due to max exposure. At first he said he could not tell me anything, and to expect a letter, but I was a bit pushy and explained to him that I'd received several letters previously about the max exposure "limits" and that since the Dillard's Amex was no longer part of the portfolio, that perhaps I'd be able to re-assign that $11k elsewhere. He got a bit more friendly, then, and mentioned that while the Dillard's cards were of course gone from Synchrony, some "remnants" of the accounts remained in their systems. He suggested that I try back after May 1st. The letter came and said the same max exposure stuff. So I waited until this past Tuesday and tried again. I asked for $12.5k limit, and it went through. I've also had a major score bump recently, so I wonder if that helped. Seeing some people here with multiple $40k limits, etc. tells me that one person's max isn't the others... but this is the first bump from any of my Synchrony cards in well over a year. So... stuck isn't stuck... anymore. Hope it helps.
  2. BBVA Compass = Until you've paid in full -- including if they've already charged it off, and you had to pay taxes on the forgiven debt. They will not consider you for new credit until the old amount has been paid-in.
  3. I'm not new to this process... Kayve and I actually stumbled on this at the same time and my thread on the matter was actually the first of the two... his just took off faster Anyhow... I'm maxed right now... so trying for a CLI before closing Sam's is a losing venture. "You've reached the maximum overall exposure across your accounts with us" is the answer every time. I think that's what you were suggesting, unless I read it wrong. But I don't mind being guinea pig on it... I'll wait a few days after I'm sure the card is clearly in Wells hands and I'll call up and see what I can work out, reporting back for the good of the group. If anyone else attempt the same, I'd hope to hear from them as well.
  4. Do you guys think once the Dillards Amex rolls to Wells later this month, that the $11k I have there will make $11k available on my other cards (now that its not counting in the ceiling formula)?? I have been thinking about closing my $10k Sams's Club credit, and asking for two $5k bumps a few months apart on Gap Visa and Walmart MasterCard... but with $11k leaving my GE portfolio to Wells, maybe I don't have to close Sam's to get it accomplished? Thoughts?
  5. Been away from CB for a long time... but I could once again use some help on something. I moved to Washington state briefly for work during 2012, and during that time my wife experienced a medical episode that required an ER visit. The total bill rang out to around $7,500. I was mailing small payments to the hospital each month (which they agreed to) to pay it off. We didn't have any kind of plan for that sort of bill to pop up suddenly, and at the time, using our emergency fund didn't seem appropriate if we could pay it off over time. However, in the chaos of moving back OUT of Washington state, I forgot a payment, and they instantly forwarded the account to collections. The hospital account was in my wife's name ONLY. I screwed up and didn't deal with it. Few months later... *I* got a collections notice with MY name on it from the same people. I rushed to pull reports, and found they reported a new collections account on TU and EX. Dangit. I called at once and demanded to know what was going on. The rep. stated that because Washington is a community property state, my wife's bills are my bills. However, I tried to be coy with the guy and said that while I know who (my wife's name) is... why was he under the impression she's my wife. He couldn't really answer that. I asked if he had any proof that she's my wife, and he turned it around and asked if I could prove that she isn't. He wasn't very nice, as none of them are... so I basically told the guy that this wasn't my responsibility and he should remove it at once. I also asked why he thinks that I live in Washington, but he couldn't answer that. I maintained my Nevada mailing address, and ALL credit correspondence went to the NV address for the nine months I was in WA, so I thought maybe I could dance around that some more, but he didn't budge much on anything. Few days later both TU and EX report the account as "disputed by consumer..." The account is roughly $5,200 which is the $7,500 original bill minus roughly what we paid. If they've added anything at all, it has been very minimal based on my calculations. My question for the group is... what do you think the best approach is to getting this deleted from my reports? We have the cash to pay them (full balance), but based on the previous experience I fear they are not the kind to delete after payment. I JUST had my old paid/settled baddies from 2007 drop off my reports... I don't want this to linger for 7 more years. Should I hire an attorney? Should I dispute with the credit agencies first? I'm lost on this one. Thanks in advance guys... I appreciate you all.
  6. Congrats on the awesome score... I was waiting until I saw the post that the card showed up and all was good!
  7. Longtime no post... I just saw the notice when logging into Dillard's card tonight about the conversion to Wells. My Dillards AMEX is $11k limit, my highest on a non-store-only card... Wells did me dirty on their Platinum card... while I had a mortgage with them it was a $7,500 card... but within weeks of the mortgage being paid off, they CLD'd me down to $750. When I asked them why they said it was "normal policy to review accounts after a major change..." not sure how losing a mortgage payment every month made me MORE risky, but blah. I haven't touched their dumb toy card since. I'm afraid they're going to review the Synchrony/Dillards cards with the super high limits and crash us all back to Earth. What are the chances they all stay in five digits?
  8. Total Exposure is $102,700 -- I closed my $400 Banana Republic card a few weeks ago. Seems though, with Kayve and others having multiple $25k cards, that $102k is not REALLY a ceiling, it just somehow appears to be MY ceiling.
  9. Hey folks ... long time no see. I see tons of success on this... congrats Kayve for keeping it going. Love the $25k limits. My experience has been a bit different... my limits are all basically frozen where they are. I get the same reason every time "Total available credit across GECRB accounts is too high" -- I've asked twice if I can reallocate funds around, and they won't allow it. I've not asked for about six months now. My new strategy is going to be paying down ALL my balances to $0 (I float about $4k total across a few of the cards) and then riding out NO usage for a few months and trying again. I've not asked to escalate to a senior underwriter, either, so I may try that.
  10. Scored a nice CLI from Discover. Last jump was from $34 to $6k in November, followed by an auto CLI to $6750 in late January or early February. Asked for an increase today... approved to $10k -- woot! I appreciate this more than normal because my credit portfolio is SO heavy with GECRB that I need the diversification.
  11. More success to report here. My $750 card was increased to $1500 and the annual fee removed permanently. The rep. indicated that I could have had a higher limit, but two of my cards show some high utilization and that the underwriter felt $1500 was appropriate for now. (My $16k Lowe's account has $4000 charged on it, and my $6750 Discover card reported a $1900 balance). I asked how long should I wait to try again, he said 90 days. So its out of toy limit territory for now, and no more annual fee.... but progress is progress.

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