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  1. Hello, I am a long time member but I have been away for a long time. I am looking for some advice or just opinions that I am doing the right thing! To start I am looking to buy a home by the end of the year! My Current Situation: AMEX: Opened Feb 2012 / Balance $0 / Limit: $6700 / One 30 Day Late Payment Barclays: Opened Oct 2019 / Balance $387 / Limit $1000 / No Lates Capital One: Opened Dec 2010 / Balance $202 / Limit $5750 / One 30 day(Feb 2019), One 60 Day Late (March 2019) Discover: Opened June 2020 (0% Balance Transfer) / Balance $9343 / Limit
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  3. Approved: $750 Home Depot (meh but it should CLI so I took it) (Now for what I am excited about) Back when I started out I was really in need for a car (Feb '10) I had to have my mom co-sign just to get approved for a 17.99% interest rate (O.O). This was with CitiFinancial blah and then sold of to Santander (the devil). Well today I was just approved by my bank for a ReFi at a 7.29% rate! That is a 10.7% drop in interest! I cannot believe that I was approved!
  4. Since I work at a cell phone company I get to interact with a lot of people who willingly ruin their credit. It really makes me wonder what people think when they let things go to collections. Now that being said my co-workers think I am a credit genius because it seems at least once a day I am talking to a customer giving them this website and trying to help people better understand how to improve their credit. Hmm maybe I should have a creditboard business card to direct people here! (i might have to visit vistaprint now lol)
  5. Still hoping to get a "real" person who has dealt with this company...
  6. Did you use a free report? I thought that makes the deadline 45 days... Am i wrong?
  7. the fake scores from TrueCredit are just in the 680s. I do not know my real FICO scores since they were in the 500s!
  8. I just received a letter in the mail from a loan company named Alliance Direct Lending (www dot alliancedirectlending dot com). They are offering me a much lower interest rate than what I am paying now! The are offering 2 deals. The first is a refinance of my current car which I am paying 17.98%. or Second I can go to a local dealer and trade my car in. If I refinance I am pre-approved for a loan from $7,500 - $33,000 at a rate as low as 3.99%. If I buy anew car I can get rates as low as 0% (hmmm) I have done a little bit of research and it seems most people are just out of reach on a
  9. @Settle: It was a settlement that I paid but I did not find Creditboards until after I had paid them. The Original Creditor has my date of first Major as 2005 but the CA received the debt in 2007. So it should fall off in 2012 so I was waiting until then to dispute again. I already sent letters to both the CA and CRA about that TL. Under what terms should I dispute now? @Clambert1273: I was not planning on dealing with Capital One any more than I have to. I have one of their credit cards and hopefully do not have to deal with them any more! But thanks for the advice.
  10. I have the officials and was just using TrueCredit to put the info here since it was at hand to give a general idea of where I am in my rebuilding process. I also just checked Capital One and just received my CLI to $750!
  11. So I have been on the process of trying to rebuild my credit and I am kinda scared to apply for any credit now but I think that is where I need to go. Currently I am using TrueCredit to track my reports and this is what I have right now __________________TU____EX_____EQ TrueCredit Score_____670___670____661 Open Accounts________3____3_______3 Closed Accounts______8_____10_____7 Derogatory Acct _______5_____3______2 Inq_________________9______5_____19 My Open accounts are: (All current with no lates!) Student Loans: Auto paid never late for over 2 years Car Loan never late si
  12. I had a gov overpayment and just called DFAS and asked them to remove it from my credit report. The lady was nice and acted like she got the call all the time! The next week it was off my report. Just call and ask and you may be surprised! (of course once it was paid off)
  13. Make sure you have everything in writing before you PFD!
  14. Well I have 1 paid collections that will not remove, so do not plan on it not being verified. Good luck though!
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    I have been having an issue where every time I log in it makes me change my password. Very annoying!
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