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  1. With all due respect, why don't people just pay their bills on time, and they won't get derroagories on their record? If they just paid the money they owed, then creditors wouldn't hurt FICOs. That's the logic I am hearing from this argument. My counter is that the system is broken, and participating in it, is only contributing to it.
  2. It's not a statute. It's an unconstitutional enforcement with no legal basis. One case is a man wearing a gorilla mask while driving to work past photoradar. The police created a 2 week long investigation on the man, including a multi-detective team following him and his family around for weeks. Redflex, the Australian firm who runs photoradar in AZ, had their employee manual leaked, which reveals that any attempts to cover one's face from a photoradar device, must be forwarded to the local law enforcement agency. I do not believe a specific statute exists in AZ, but it is certainly enforced.
  3. Sorry guys, I forgot, the world is perfect: Police only go after criminals and creditors only go after deadbeat losers.
  4. What country do you live in? Here in America, the constitution as supported by supreme court case law states that you do not have to say anything to the police, other than to ID yourself. It may not be construed as probable cause if you refuse to answer questions. You are under no obligation to allow them to search your vehicle, to tell them where you are going, or even to be polite. I am not suggesting being rude, but I know of many good people who have been screwed by police because they were honest and answered questions. The supreme court has ruled that police are allowed to lie to civilians. Before anyone accuse me of being a cop-hater, please know half of my family is in law enforcement and they all agree that cops are not your friends (unless you are their friends). I find it interesting that for an internet forum that centers around knowing the law, people are so defensive about criminal law and only focus on civil law.
  5. What's the problem with out of state registration? Let's say a police officer pulls you over for speeding and says "I see you have an out of state registration. How long have you lived in Texas?" The response would be, "here is my drivers license and registration. I respectfully decline to answer any other questions other than to identify myself. Please let me know when I am free to go." A police officer has no PC to issue a citation for false address because you happen to be in Texas. He can only issue a citation if you admit it. The supreme court has ruled that failure to answer questions or submit to a search is not PC of a crime.
  6. Tell me that 6 months after the photoradar systems get installed in your state, speed limits are artificially reduced, no due process because you cant cross-examine a computer, and the state is generating hundreds of millions of dollars in ticket revenue per year. No exaggeration. My home city made $20M alone last year from computer generated tickets. Then to top it off, the state passes laws to enhance photoradar detection such as criminalizing scratching your face when driving because it may obscure your face from the camera, or having a license plate frame that even partially obscures 1% of the state name on your plate. License plate frame usage is a $200 fine and constitutes probable cause to search a vehicle. The laws in texas are stricter, making license plate frames a misdemeanor crime punishable by jail time. And hope the ticket in the mail doesn't get lost or delivered to the wrong house because then your license will be suspended without you even knowing you have a ticket outstanding, because no one ever gave you a ticket. A computer simply took your picture, mailed you a ticket you never got. I'm all for a real cop writing tickets because then that human witnessed your infraction. It's impossible to challenge the validity of the computer photoradar. If it took your picture, you are prima facie guilty. In some states, even if you're not the driver, you get the ticket unless you turn the driver over. If you refuse, or cannot, then you get the ticket because you owned the car. I believe this nonsense is occuring in about 15% to 20% of the country now and with muni and state governments running a deficit, it's likely to increase. When that happens in your home town, then tell me if it's not "THAT difficult to avoid being written up."
  7. I dont have any debt. My only concern is the unconstitutional photo-radar arrays going up in several states. They mail an automated ticket. If you do not reply, they are required to send a process server to serve you a court summons. If the process server does not get you within 30 or 60 days depending on the state, the ticket gets shredded. The real concern, is that the process server will fake the service. This happened to a woman in Arizona recently. No criminal record, middle aged soccer mom. Get's pulled over by a cop who was running every license plate he saw randomly, and found the woman to have a suspended license and arrested her, impounded the car. It turned out that the city is claiming to mail her a ticket, which she didn't receive, and then sent a process server who issued the summons to her neighbors gardener. Apparently there's some loophole that says the state can do that in AZ. Here is my plan: Find a state that requires processes be served in person, to the actual person, with no 3 knocks/certified mail service allowed. Register my car in that state. Get a Mailboxes ETC rental box. Assign the vehicle registration to that box. If they attempt to serve process, legally they cannot leave it with the Mailboxes ETC person (IN SOME STATES). I need to find out which states allow this. Then if I get arrested for suspended license I wasn't aware of, it will be impossible for the process server to claim he served me, because I wasn't even in that state, and external process is not allowed. It doesn't matter what state is issuing the summons, because they are required to hire an out of state process server and follow the rules of the state of issuance. Any ideas here? This is all theorycraft on my part. I found http://www.serve-now.com/resources/process-serving-laws and have only started going through it to find the best state to declare residence.
  8. Schwab for the 2% cash back on anything PenFed for the 5% cash back on gas USAA for an initial credit limit that is 4x higher than any other card's initial limit was, and 1/2 my HHI.
  9. Terrific! Now caller ID spoofing will disappear just like illegal drugs. Thanks congress!
  10. For what it's worth, I also have all 3 CBs frozen, and I used to have USAA Single Pull service (EX) for $5 per month but canceled it 6 months ago. I saw that USAA started offering the tripull for $12 per month and tried to resign up. It would NOT let me, and said they couldn't verify my identity. But then I tried re-signing up for the $5 single pull service, it let me, and then I immediately upgraded to the $12 tri-pull plan and it worked. Interestingly enough, I was only charged $5 the first month, even though I immediately upgraded to the $12 deal and had tri-pull access for the entire first month. After that month, it properly started charging me $12.
  11. Sorry for not being clear. The LOC tradeline *is* reporting on all 3 CBs, but only TU is reporting it at the $2k credit line. EX and EQ are reporting it as a $0 credit line. If this is similar to how a Visa Signature works, then I can force EQ and EX to report the $2k limit by using the Maximum Balance Reported "loophole." Is this a good idea?
  12. Bob, Have you considered my idea of taking out almost 90% utilization just to have it report and pay back immediately?
  13. I have a $2000 LOC with Alliant as an overdraft type account. TU is reporting it as a $2k limit, but EX and EQ have it as $0. I'm considering using 88% of it - about $1750, put it into my checking account for a few days until it reports the balance to EX and EQ, pay the 12% interest on it for a few days, maybe a month tops until it reports, and then pay it all off. At the most it would cost me $10 of interest if I have to hold it in there for a whole month. Is that a waste of $10 to get this to post? I if I call Alliant can I somehow get them to report it to EQ and EX or will they just think I am crazy for caring? Will Alliant get pissed off if I Just sit on the money in my checking account for a few days and then pay it off? Should I transfer the money out for a few days and then back?
  14. I do daily pulls of my credit report and I save a PDF of the file about once a month, but I am considering creating an excel spreadsheet to maintain the data. The biggest reason for me to do this, is because my credit report is cluttered up with old closed accounts and multiple entries per CB. I have about 50 accounts on my tri CB credit report, which only represent currently 8 open accounts. Each open account sometimes has 2 or 3 entries due to not all being on the same line of the tri CB report, perhaps because the data furnishers give a slightly different account name or how the CBs input the data into their database. I also have many closed accounts due to bonuses that I signed up for over the years and then closed. I currently have no idea what my credit limits are in aggregate or what my utilization would be if I had to charge $X. My USAA EX tri CB report doesnt show that. Does anyone list out their accounts in some spreadsheet to keep track? I could also use it to estimate when data furnishers provide specific account data to the CBs if I update the spreadsheet daily.
  15. 3rd party CC processing company that my apartment complex licenses work to.

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