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  1. Definitely. It is only through more action like this that we can have a better consumer debt reporting system.
  2. http://www.ohio.com/business/prosecutor-says-u-s-faces-debt-collection-scam-epidemic-1.542152 I love it. Great way to start my morning.
  3. Turned down by Capital One? Man. I had US Bank, and they were fine to start with.
  4. Here is an FAQ I found: http://www.builddirect.com/Laminate-Flooring/Laminate-Floors-FAQ_6951.aspx
  5. I am not a true gamer any longer, but this is what I would look at if I were deciding. Look at what's going to be on certain systems, and when. Those damn systems are expensive! http://www.ign.com/games/upcoming/ps4 http://www.ign.com/games/upcoming/xbox-one
  6. David Peltan, the Saul Goodman to the Collectors.
  7. Banks and other businesses do implement certain policies on a case-by-case basis before they are officially policy.
  8. I went to a liberal arts undergrad, and it was one of the best decisions of my life. I pursued tech things (computer science, math), but was forced to be well-rounded to complete my studies. Foreign language profiency, social sciences, music, hell, even religion and a phys ed class were required.
  9. Then it could be the voltage regulation circuitry. Same principle. I had success getting an inexpensive refurbished monitor from NewEgg.
  10. Providing enough accurate information to get the biz credit guarantees they will have enough information to pull personal credit.
  11. Confirmed: Fingerhut switched the company behind the scenes handling their financing earlier this year, and this is one definite blessing for some. I had a boost on my Experian for the first time in a few years because of this. Just found out two days ago.
  12. You would assume that they are more on the ball than that, given their long history. Embarrassing for them. They are having some serious issues with their information technology. They no doubt have the technology aspect down; they are forgetting the first word: information. The things in their databases are no good if they can't quickly find them and make sense of them. I get the impression this will work out for you, though. Stick it out.
  13. EO = Executive Office Capital One is very good about giving extra consideration to requests when you direct them to the executive office. 800-955-1455
  14. Same with current and former employers, landlords, etc. #Liability_issues The shelf corporation thing is mostly two-thousand-and-late, in my estimation. The current business credit climate is not so easily gamed.
  15. Probably not as much when it's their money. And remember... these aren't just a few days late. They had to surpass 30 days if they are showing on the CR. I'm not sure there's much else to do besides try appealing again. so much for Navy walking on water LOL They walk on water so they won't go UNDER water. It would take a miracle to get them to reconsider their decision, because the decision they have made is the most prudent considering the situation. As you pay down your balance(s), and those negatives age and eventually drop off, you will have your FICO in shape again.
  16. http://www.supervaluechecks.com/ (I am not affiliated)
  17. In our part of the country (Northeast Ohio), moving 10-15 minutes could put you into farm country, into a neighborhood where the majors won't deliver pizza to you, lower your internet speed, etc. Haha! It's great that you are in a better living position, CH.
  18. I just looked at a ChexSystems-friendly list yesterday, and #1 is usually covered in the various comments. It helps avoid situations like yours. I concur with #2, and with #3, you need to get serious with ChexSystems to get their file on you accurate, or face legal consequences.
  19. I love the CFPB (they are on something for me right now that I alerted them about). The director is my state's old Attorney General, and he always handles business. BBB is almost horse-and-buggy status as far as their effectiveness. #paper_tiger
  20. Great news to hear. And what is so amazing is that there is nothing really extraordinary going on with what you did -- just solid CreditBoards 101 action. It works, folks. Believe.
  21. Don't be surprised: Capital One may let in you the game with them for a new secured. They are very forgiving. They have welcomed individuals back who included them in their bankruptcy petitions (IIBed them), as well as charge offs. US Bank is a better secured, from my experience, though, and may be where you end up.
  22. A few inquiries probably dropped off.
  23. I found out some years ago that they will populate their files on you with credit app info, as they feel it is fair game. My first ever dispute with a credit bureau was to erase old addresses. I know why they want to keep them, and they probably know why I want them deleted. I took care of mine about ten (10) years ago, though, and the climate has changed quite a bit since then as far as bureaus trying to hold onto as much old identifying information as possible.
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