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  1. Take a look at City County Credit Union, they are broward based. I refinanced my car with them 4 months after BK discharge and they gave me the best rate by 4-5 points. This was in 06/2011. Only use them for the auto loan, so can't comment on anything else. Their website account management is kinda of crummy/basic. I did visit their branch to sign the refi papers and was impressed with the way they treated me. Haven't visited them since. Space Coast Credit Union is another one, they declined my auto refi app due to the BK, so I have no experience with them.
  2. I would not worry. I have a 690 FICO (PSECU) and I was discharged 8 months ago (02/2011).
  3. Something you may also want to find out about: If she applies for a lease and has no income, would they approve her?
  4. I just signed up for USAA credit monitoring a week ago, I was not a USAA Member. You just need to register an account with USAA and then it will let you setup the credit monitoring. No hard/soft pull resulted for me.
  5. I just signed up for USAA Credit Monitoring Premium. If I have a fraud alert, will it show up on the credit reports they provide? I had a fraud alert on one of my CRA and I am wondering if my request to remove it was successful. The other two CRA fraud alerts I was able to get removed easily by just calling. It was originally added by one of the CRA's when I did a dispute. Thanks!
  6. You could dispute the balance and last payment with the CRA to get them updated?
  7. The car color question is probably based on vehicle registration records with the state. You are probably on the cars registration, you can probably confirm this with DMV for your state.
  8. Curious, did you update your address shortly after joining? If so, that probably flagged your account for security review.

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