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  1. Does anyone know if you can make two transfers on the same card your trying to balance transfer? (e.g. one BT for 10 k from card 1, once payment to card 1 is done I transfer some navy cc debt to card 1 again and do one more transfer ?) It seems a majority of my credit lines are NFCU. The few external cards I do have don't have the highest limits, it would take a bit of maneuvering to get as much as possible on the 1.99% deal and aggressively pay down some debt,
  2. I recently paid of a student loan. For some reason it is showing as closed. Is there different status it should have? It wasn't late and was paid off early.
  3. I am NOT an attorney but this sounds like a state tax lien. Usually they fall of your credit report after ten years if they are paid off. If they are still not paid off the can be re new for another ten years. In you case though, this also sound like a letter that was written by a debt collector and not the state of Kansas. No state logo on the letter Do you still reside in Kansas? No, I haven't lived for nearly 10 years. Do you a a tax lean showing up on ANY of your credit reports? Yes. I thought this would fall off. I would suggest to you to order a FREE paper copy of each of your credit report from all three main credit reports agencies Will do. Just trying to stop communication with other relatives. Haven't heard one peep about this old tax debt for nearly 4-5 years. Equifax Trans union Experian See what those reports show and then go from there.
  4. What type of tax (personal income or other)? Personal income tax, In 2009 this was not included in IIB due to the time frame. Check your state tax laws. Not up on Iowa tax laws. Will look around. The quick answer to number 1 & 2 are pay it or work something out with the taxing authority. They are sending the letter to your last known address. If there is a lien it may fall off of your credit report after a period of time however the tax debt will usually remain. Call the Kansas taxing authority directly don't deal with those scumbag collectors. Will call them Monday Just most bothered by the letter to my parents that they of course opened.
  5. Hello, I'm writing to see advice on an old tax debt from 2008 in a state I haven't lived in for nearly 10 years for a $800 tax debt. The letter states that now the balance is $1307.64. For some odd reason they sent it to my parents place in my hometown that I have not lived in for 20 years. My parents have thus moved from my hometown, but received this via mail forwarding. 1. What are my options for this? 2. How do I stop them from sending letters to my relatives? 3. I thought this would have fallen off by now. Thanks for your time in reading this and I appreciate any suggestions. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The letter states: P.O. Box 359 Linebarger Goggan Blair and Sampson Topeka, KS 66601-0359 PO Box 359 Topeka, KS 66601-0359 September 26, 2017 RE: Kansas Department of Revenue Account# xxxxx Amount due $1307. 34 Dear: Joe debtor, We represent the Kansas Department of Revenue in a claim against you. We have attempted to resolve this issue, unfortunately without any success. This is a FINAL DEMAND for payment in full to avoid any legal action. Funds should be made payable to the Kansas Department of Revenue and mailed to the above address, or for your convenience you may pay online with a check or credit card at www.lgbswebpayments.com using client code xxx, online payment number xxxx and the following zip code (my parents zip code). If you have any questions, please contact my legal aide Taniesha Lowery at xxx-xxx-xxxx ext xxx Sincerely, Linebarger Goggan Blair and Sampson, LLP ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  6. For what it's worth. Are you aware they will be discontinuing AMEX for Costco in the near future?
  7. Perhaps I missing it. Will keep looking. Does anyone have the amazon store card backdoor #?
  8. Is the last answer in reference to a NY resident?
  9. I found the district in Iowa. Not having much luck finding topics on 1099-C's though.
  10. Yep a 1099 on my taxes. Can I do anything for this?
  11. I have a charge off from Alliant CU that I have already paid taxes on for the charge off. Yet, it seems to keep updating with the last update being April 30th.
  12. Yes, they are tied to an old tax lien.
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