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  1. I really need some advise. I have been in negotiations with this debt collector and in order to settle the $145,000 I owe for under $75,000 they are requesting tax returns. Should I send them tax returns? What info should I send and what info should I not send. Trying to get this as low as possible.
  2. It’s a business line of credit with my personal guarantee :)
  3. It hasn’t reported to credit yet. I am not planning on filling BK. My credit is actually in a decent spot at the moment and this is one of the only debts I owe. I have no need for any home,auto,cc or other loans anytime soon.
  4. I just received a notification from SRC (State Resources Corp.) that my Bank of America line of credit I have been stressing about for two years has been sold to this collection company. I have a few questions and any insight would be very appreciated. I responded this morning to SRC asking to verify the debt and stating they can only contact me by my personal email. 1.) How much do you assume I could negotiate with them down to before this reports on my credit. I know on the $144,000 over $30K of that is interest only payments I made to Bank of America over the last two years to put this on ice. I know Bank of America offered me $130,000 at one point but then it was assigned to a new account manager at Bank of America and she refused to negotiate. 2.) Has anyone dealt with States Resources Corp. (SRC) and if so how are they to deal with? I am considering letting this hit my credit and letting it season for a year or two before negotiating so I can drastically reduce the amount owed. However, I do not want get in a situation where they are a company with a strict no on "pay-for-delete" policy. Any other tips or things you would be doing if this was your position? I do have enough to pay the full balance however it would drain most of my accounts at the moment.
  5. I own a seasonal business and revenue stops November-April. It profits $600k in the season. I made a poor investment into a cannabis business and lost $800k in 15/16. Since then I have been playing catch up. Maxed out our line of credit in 2017 to fund winter and then last year took out an SBA loan to fund winter downtime. This season went well but im basically paying for this debt now and have $70k cash reserves going into off season next month when I need $275k to make it over the next four months. I applied for an SBA loan again but I owe the IRS $83k in taxes for 2017 that I cannot pay and is going to be a lien on my report now because I failed to set up a payment plan in time (I’m an idiot I know). I have $150k line of credit, $300k SBA loan, $100k in taxes to irs and state, $80k credit cards, etc...I have another $400k in equipment loans but I’ve always put at least 25% down so if this situation occurs I can get out with some cash if I need to liquidate. My only option for cash at the moment is a $200k hard money loan at $60k interest over 24 months. $10k a month payment. This won’t be enough to get through winter unless I lay all employees off and get creative. I have no clue what to do next month when the revenue stops. Should I file and just start over? I haven’t slept in two years and I am so miserable. I’m taking care of my ex wife and kids. I’m absolutely frightened I won’t be able to put food in their mouths.
  6. I have a $695 Verizon Wireless bill from April of 2009 that has been sold to AFNI. I call and send letters all the time over the last couple of years and have not had any success with getting a PFD. I called today and talked with a guy who said he would drop the bill to an even $300, they would report it as "paid", then he said that AFNI is not in the habit of paying employees to validate paid accounts, so ask the credit bureus to validate and AFNI would not respond, 30 days would pass and the account would drop off. I am in no hurry and can wait until April of 2016 for this chocolate to be gone but this sounds interesteing. Can you please give me advice I really want this account to be gone.
  7. I live in Oregon and have incurred a lot of medical debt from 3 cancer operations. I have tried not to let anything go to my credit but it has been nearly impossible and a few have slipped by. 1 of the creditors is now pursuing my wife. Yes, I did have this operation after we were married. We reside in Oregon and she has never signed anything at any clinic or hospital. I need advice!
  8. So I have been using True Credit for two months and have managed to raise my credit a total of 80 points! However I checked my fico scores last night and they were 80 points less than my Fakos from trues credit...Total bogus
  9. I just found the following on my report last night. Their is no Creditor shown or hardly any other info !!!!???? Creditor Name: Account No.: 1955** Original Creditor: Responsibility: Individual Condition: Derogatory Original Balance: $134 Balance: $134 Date Opened: 10/2007 Date Reported: 12/2007 Remarks: [TransUnion] [Experian] [Equifax] Medical Subject has not satisfied debt.
  10. Ok guys. Yes I went over. however, their rep. said they would do something and did not deliver. Therefore, I do not owe them what they are claiming. I owe them what they promised! I am not on here to argue whether my case is right or wrong. That would be a waste of everyones time and a matter of OPINION. The bill is on my credit, which in MY opinion based on the knowledge I have, was not right of Verizon. So now, I would like to be fiscally responsible and would like Verizon to be responsible as well. Please keep they critisism to youself! I am on here to gain insight
  11. I changed my plan before the end of the billing cycle due to text overages. The lady never changed my plan and I inquired over $400 extra dollars. I paid the $2hundred and some change I thought they fairly earned. I reviewed the file a few months later and discovered I owed them $100 plus change more dollars! I will not pay the rest until this is deleted! I have talked to Verizon Executive Relations for nearly 5 hours. They will NOT budge and they send my file over to the same guy EVERY time. I have sent pfd letters, written numerous emails and even contacted executives who all refer me to the Executive Relations Department and then I get thrown to the SAME guy! Will their be a gap between Verizon reporting and the CA they just sold to(where verizon will remove the entries completely)? This has happened on some other debts. The cell service sucks, the phones are ok, the customer service is HORRIBLE, I get dropped everytime I used to call.... T mobile is by far the best Cellular company I have used!
  12. Verizon Is Continuing to report! I have talked to everyone regarding a pay-for-delete and no one will budge! Should I just pay it and let it sit!?
  13. So I had an account with verizon. They charged me over $400.00 I feel was illegitamate. So I never paid but continued to call to work the bill out. In may of 09 they started reporting to the beaurus. I have continued to call and have logged over 40 hours with them. I want this removed from my credit! I have talked to numerous people from the executive branch down in all different divisions. They will not budge. The bill is around $695 and has since been sold to first alliance CA. I am willing to pay any amount to get this removed from my credit! Help What do I do???
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