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  1. i have the entire CMRRR that was sent to them and was sent back to me ,, and it wasnt just placed in my mailbox , i had to sign that i received my letter back .... im not in a rush so im not going to fax ,,, my question is what do i now send to the CRA , do i send the actual CMRRR envelope to them or just a copy ..and what letter do i write to the cra
  2. i sent a CMRRR DV letter to portfolio recovery to the address that my credit report said was for portfolio ,,, the letter was returned saying not deliverable as addressed , unable to forward ..... Whats my next step ? do i send copies of the outside of envelope to credit report? am i required to find a different address
  3. It's not totally illiquid,, these are principal and interest loans... So every month your getting more and more of the original investment returned.. And with every passing month less and less of your investment is at stake / exposed
  4. By being active with CB for many years I have found that this knowledge helps me with my Lending Club investment.. Knowing how to analyze ppls credit reports have become second nature
  5. no judgement entered as of 2 weeks ago .. no money in bank ,,, no job
  6. i agree , question... is lawfirm allowed to call at this point?
  7. ok update..... i spoke with a lawyer and he wanted alot and i never actually signed the retainer ... been checking the credit report daily and no judgement or default judgement showed up ... but today, june 14, 2014 a call comes in from a rep from the lawfirm , saying "he got our message a few months ago about making a deal and wanted to know if i wanted to make a payment plan , ... i responded that i am a bit busy right now and can he call back in an hour...."end of conversation my questionis , jun 2008 was the last payment ever made on this account , and had been in delininquent status ever since dec 2007 ,,, can i assume that i am totally out of SOL at this point ..? do i have to worry that since lawfirm tried to serve me via NON certified mail and has court index number that the SOL gets extended? p.s. this is not for me but i typed in first hand bec its easier
  8. Still down.. Tried a different computer at a different location
  9. Are your scores fico or fako
  10. Please don't post fako scores and fako changes.... It's meaningless

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