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  1. Ok, they started the garnishment before the consolidation was done. I now have no idea what's going on. Since I make about $230 per biweekly paycheck off my part-time job, they can't take too much. Also, I did apply for a 3-month fulltime paid internship so I will have to quit this current job in 1.5 months if I get the internship. I don't know what happens then. Can I still send them those Financial Statement What-Can-I-Afford forms about my poor financial status, where I send the 2 most recent paychecks? what will happen when I quit this job to work full-time for 3 months, then go back to part-time at another job next year? Does this garnishment just follow automatically? I'm so bad at figuring this all out by myself that I feel like it's just easier to let them take the 15% from whatever job I have, because I won't miss what I don't see anyway.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I applied for consolidation & for the income-based repayment. They calculate my repayment as $0.00. I don't know what to do with the wage garnishment stuff, should I even reply to it since I applied to consolidate? I can send in my paychecks to show them I make $400/month and can afford to pay $20/month... but will that cancel out the consolidation?
  3. They're Direct Loans. But the thing is, I deferred them, and I got a letter saying they're deferred until June 2010. Then I got another letter for the same loan saying it's due! That was 3 months ago. But no, they haven't garnished yet. It was actually a letter threatening to garnish. I think I have a few weeks? I'll apply to consolidate, my family says it's a great idea. I didn't even know I could do that...
  4. I've read everything on this SL forum and have learned a lot, too late. I lost my high-tech job during the dot-com bust, and have had to go back to school, on and off, to start all over (from technology to science). Right now I have 2 federal SLs in default (just learned that term on here) but I have been in school so they have deferred. This year, after a couple of years, I finally got into a nursing school, and am in school full-time. I'd forgotten about my old loans. Then I started getting the calls. But even though I submitted deferment apps I kept getting calls; and today I got a letter from Dept. of Ed. that they would garnish 15% of my pay. Well, my "pay" is basically 15 hours a week of minimum wage work ($8/hr.), so 15% isn't a whole lot... I'm tempted to just let them do it. I finish school in 2011 with a BSN. My debt is basically $43K, so if I live really cheaply for some years I can handle that. I have no other debt, since I have no credit cards (probably the only smart thing I've ever done is not get a credit card in my youth). I've paid cash for everything. The only thing messing up my credit are these SLs. But until then... So what do I do? Let them take that 15% right now and then later on pay whatever's left back? I mean, I'm a full-time student, & I pay out-of-pocket outside of scholarships... Thanks for your help. It's unbelievable how little everyone knows about this... even in the financial aid dept. @ school, they kinda brush you off.

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