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  1. IRS/Card issuers will 1099c you as well. Boned me big time when I was recovering a few years back.
  2. I bought some coin a while back. It didn't make me Rich, but I definitely made a hefty profit.
  3. Damn. Oh well, thanks for the replies guys :-) Guess I'll grin and bear it.
  4. My wife and I lived in a small apartment, and we are paying $900 a month. We found an amazing little house and we bought it. Our mortgage payment was a very affordable $1,150. Fast forward 1 year... my mortgage goes from 1150 to 1387. No explanation. I emailed the mortgage company and they're not really sure why they tell me they'll get back to me. They get back to me a couple weeks later and say they made a mistake at closing and I was never charged school taxes so that's why my mortgage went up. Now I just got hit with a FEMA flood zone change so now I have to add AE flood zone insurance. That's its own problem right now, but is there a service out there where someone can review my mortgage paperwork? I just don't buy that they forgot to add my school taxes at closing. I think we were scammed. Suckered in at a nice affordable rate because we even told them keep it under 1200 a month. Any advice? Is there a company who can look at the mortgage and see what's going on? Or am I boned? We've never missed a payment, never been late.
  5. It's been awhile, but I believe the lowest I dropped to was 505. That was about 5 years ago, I just ignored it and let a few things age away before I started working on it in Earnest. Today, the only baddie left are 2 Old judgments that are due to fall off in about 1 year and 3 30 day Lates from 2011. My scores, from Credit Karma using their Vantage 3.0, are in the 710 range.
  6. If I'm going to make an unusually large purchase, I usually call customer service and tell them in advance.
  7. Got an alert from CS for a score change. 5 inq gone. Sure would be nice if they stay gone.
  8. Honda? Good luck. I had a couple of 30 day late with them while I was in the hospital. I tried to appeal it, and they said they report accurate information always and refused to change anything.
  9. They totally changed. Now it a free Experian Report (no score) right from the Experian site. www.free credit report.com First time it's ever been useful (other than getting the song stuck in your head) FWIW
  10. A Chrysler 300 is a luxury car?That's how Enterprise classifies it. And it's a hell of a lot more luxurious than my Ram. What are you guys driving, Rolls and Bentley's? Please... Have you ever driven a 300? I think it's a damn fine automobile. I put 1800 miles on the one I rented for my Chicago trip.
  11. I rent luxury cars from Enterprise, like a Chrysler 300, or a Lincoln MKZ. Sometimes I rent them for a week or more. They have never, ever pulled my credit.
  12. Congrats! I got denied about a week ago. Send email to the EO and they contacted me, they said they would review it manually. That's been 6 business days and nothing yet LOL so congrats :-)

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