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  1. Hey all, still new to this. Lets just start by saying that i am active duty and am trying my hardest to get rid of this negative credit card that i had about 4 years ago in college and couldnt afford to pay it off. It had bounce back and forth between different CA and now is at Regents asset protection. I want to just pay it off and i have the money. But i have been told that alot of these places will take settlements. The debt is for 1800 and i am just wondering what should be the settlement amount. They contacted me back in november and i requested a settlement amount and said they would do 800 and i said i could do that. All i asked them to do was send that in a letter so i could have proof. They never sent the letter and never received a call again till about last week. I called them back and he said that he wouldnt be able to do that amount that was previously stated. I mentioned that i was recording the call and he said that he had to terminate the call. I am still a young troop that must hold a security clearance, i am just wondering what to do. should i just start making payments on it? or do you think that i will be screwing myself over. I just dont know where to start.

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