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  1. egozd1

    calling me

    anyone know who this is 1-866-408-2649 and1-516-576-0404 thanks
  2. egozd1

    Suzuki card

    does thister close after tou pay off the balance? I was approve for 5000. Came home put all the info ask for cli came back email approve for another 1500.I had to pay 1900 on my credit card which i did not have to
  3. Happy new year>>>Have big and new credit dreams spend only cash this year......And say no to crapone happy old year im drunk so happy new year "2007" I hope is better for everyone from CB!!!!!!
  4. I hope eveyone is safe. God bless our troops in the war...
  5. Use as and ICE SCRAPER and send them a xxx card and say thanks for the gift...
  6. CCSFT/CBSD any info google nothing thanks
  7. Just anther ? How much credit card do you need for the ship? I mean credit like 500. $1000. just would like to know is there and amount you have to have open to charge i like to use my hsbc card becase it only has $ 300.20.
  8. ya how do you get on the airplane and the boat.. I love rum.. I would love to seank some on?
  9. Also how much are drinks on board going in october on the boat so what does like beer can or draff cost per drink thanks
  10. What the hell can i do i have a split file and when i apply for credit all they see is in inq like 30 and some close file i cant get and credit loan becase of this i need help or is it time to SUE?
  11. Hope you don't have a split file it happen to me?
  12. egozd1


    OK thanks now i feel like im in school again

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