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  1. I have a Chase CC with a 20K Credit Line. From what I have read, CC companies may get nervous if you go above 25% utilization. Is it OK for me to make mid cycle payments in order to avoid going above 25% mid-cycle? I want to do whatever I can to avoid a credit line decrease. I'm also concerned that they may penalize me for making a payment mid-cycle. Thanks,
  2. I need to make $500 PayPal payment. I have great credit, however I read somewhere that PayPal can create red flags. Should I just use my debit card or do I have nothing to worry about using my high limit CC? This is a one-time purchase.
  3. I have a $35,000 CL on once of my Chase Credit Cards. I paid my bill online in full a day after my statement closed. My available credit still seems to have the amount of my statement plus all new charges reduced from the available credit. I'm a little confused since I thought that once a bill is paid the available credit is freed-up. Thanks
  4. I have always been curious if it matters when I pay my CC after the closing date. I always pay my bills in full and have never had a balance. Do CC companies actually care?
  5. I have horrible credit and am currently using a CCCS service. I have no credit and would like to become an authorized user on one or two of my wife's credit card accounts. It is critical that we maintain her solid credit I will not do anything that can potentially hurt her credit or current credit card relationships. Does my wife take a risk for adding me as an authorized user?
  6. How do they not report to a personal credit report when they apparently do not require a Business Tax ID during the application process?
  7. I'm ready to apply for this card, however I have a few questions. My TU scores are excellent, and I want the business card. My business is a a little over year old and I want to make this process as simple as possible. I'm unable to provide documentation to back-up business or personal income. What are some realistic stated numbers that will make this application process simple? I'm not looking for the worlds largest CL. I appreciate the help.
  8. Towards the end of 09 I had a very successful application spree. I'm very tempted to go for more, however I'm very concerned about risking my current account relationships. First and foremost I want to protect what I currently have. Is it safe for me to apply for more or should I hold?
  9. Which do you think is easier to obtain, the business card or personal?
  10. I have two Citi cards. Currently when I check on my cards online via the Citicards website one of my cards has the "love button" live that says "request credit line increase." Are there any potential negatives to hitting it? I have applied for and received a lot of credit within the last few months with Citi and other creditors and I do not want to rock to boat. If I can hit the love button and it will not give me a hard inquiry or potentially hurt my credit I would like to take advantage of it. What are your thoughts?
  11. I'm going to be opening a business checking account with an opening deposit of 100,000. Are there any banks that will offer me a business CC by the Soft Inquiry and not do a hard pull? Thanks
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