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  1. I'm disputing the charge off amount, the high balance, and a handful of alleged late payments, all of which are inaccurate. I didn't dispute any of the information that was accurately reported, only specific items that are inaccurate.
  2. OC charged off in 2013. I disputed with TU, IN, EX, and EQ in Feb 2018 and OC verified with all four CRAs. I then sent a 623 letter to the OC. They responded with a generic form letter refusing to conduct a 623 investigation. Below is their response: --- <Date> <My name> <My address> <My city/state/zip> Reference: Account # XXXXXXXXXX Dear Accountholder: I have received your recent inquiry regarding our report of your account's payment history to the credit bureaus. Our present report accurately reflects how payments were received on your account and cannot be altered or deleted. We make monthly reports to the credit bureaus on all of our accounts. We do this to reciprocate with other credit grantors, whose reports to the credit bureaus we rely on in making our credit extension decisions. Our report reflects only how payments have been received in relation to our account terms and are not based on your intent, integrity, or ability. You may explain the reasons for your past due history by providing a consumer statement of 100 words or less to the credit bureaus. This statement will then be provided with your credit bureau report to credit extenders who inquire about you. We hope that you can appreciate our position and regret that we cannot comply with your request. Sincerely, <OC name> --- Is this a violation of Section 623 of the FCRA? What are my next steps?
  3. In your experience, how effective are 623 letters? I just found out Credit One Bank verified, so my next step will be a 623 letter. I'm also currently awaiting a response to a 623 letter from CFNA. Just wondering if I should keep the hope alive or start making peace with the fact that these may remain on my reports for a couple more years. Thanks in advance for any experience you can share!
  4. That is strange. Agreed. I've never seen such careless review of a 623 letter before. I'm sending one more request to their legal department and if this doesn't work I'm filing complaints with CFPB, State Attorney's Office, FTC, etc.
  5. Believe it or not, it's actually CFNA that is conflating two different laws. In January I initiated disputes with the CRAs using the Jack-Attack method. I received responses from all 3 within just a few weeks advising the info had been verified. Then, I sent a 623 letter to CFNA advising that I had disputed with the CRAs and CFNA had verified, so I was now requesting they conduct an investigation pursuant to FCRA Section 623. My letter included no references to any other credit law, including FDCPA. They sent a letter back advising CFNA is not a CA and they are not bound by the FDCPA. I then sent a follow-up letter advising that my investigation request had nothing to do with FDCPA (I even reread the letter I had initially sent them to see if I accidentally typed the wrong thing -- nope, it was correct!) and advised once more that I was requesting they perform an investigation pursuant to Section 623 of FCRA. I even included copies of my original letter and their response to bring the error to their attention. I received the exact same response all over again advising CFNA is not a CA and not bound by FDCPA. At this point, I'm not sure how I can make it any more clear to them that my request had nothing to do with FDCPA, that I never mentioned that law, and that I am requesting they (as the data furnisher) conduct an investigation pursuant to FCRA Section 623. It's like they're barely skimming my letter and throwing a canned soup response in the mail.
  6. I've sent them two 623 letters and twice they have replied and said the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act doesn't apply to them. It's like they're not even reading my letters and just sticking a canned soup reply in the mail. I'm ready to get fiesty.
  7. After much Google sleuthing I found the following address: CFNA, BK-12/Legal, P.O. Box 81315, Cleveland, Ohio 44181-0315 Anybody have names / phone numbers of people in their Legal Department?
  8. Anybody have the contact info for CFNA's Compliance / Legal Department? I have dug through their website, but I can't find it.
  9. What apps do you use or recommend for people in repair/rebuild?
  10. Yes, that's the correct company. I'm writing my own letter because their form requests too much personal info. If they want my info they're going to have to pay me for it! All of the info I'm disputing is demographic info, not tradelines. I was just wondering if anybody else had any experience with getting them to remove demographic info.
  11. I just ordered a copy of my DataX credit report and it is loaded with incorrect info (all demographic info). Anybody know how easy it is to get a removal from them? Could I send one comprehensive request to remove incorrect items or should I request their removal one at a time? I usually send handwritten letters requesting removal of one piece of information at a time, but I'm wondering if I can get away with a typed letter listing all of the incorrect pieces of information I found. If anyone has had experience with them and could weigh in I would be grateful!
  12. Ah, ok. I was wondering how they get tradeline data, but that answers that. I sent a tradeline dispute to them and they never responded.
  13. Does Innovis get their data from one of the big 3 CRAs? Anybody know which one?

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