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  1. Next time they soft you for an AR. Try again next month. AR? Sent from my ZTE-Z990G using Tapatalk 2
  2. Regarding the Cap 1 luv button: a couple.weeks ago i apped twice for a CLI and got back my EQ score but they both were from Feb 20th. any idea when they give you a more recent score? Sent from my ZTE-Z990G using Tapatalk 2
  3. Damn. Looks like it's GW letters here on out . I got three of these OC Charge offs
  4. So when do you think I can dispute as obsolete? 11/2015?
  5. I need some clarification: How long does it take a TL to fall off a credit report? 7 years from date of first delinquency or date of last delinquency? I am looking at my TU report, hard copy right now. I have a [30] from 03/2008, that would be date of first delinquency or not? (that is my first missed payment of this account and it says under account summary the date closed is 04/2008!?!) After the [30], there are 3 months of [60] then [OK] until 7/2009. From 7/2009, it goes [30], [60], [90], [120], [120], then 8 straight [CO]'s, with the last [CO] being 07/2010. DOFD or D
  6. thanks again whychat. i sent out two disputes, one with ex, one with eq, yesterday. is it ok to report results back to this thread since they are nonmedicals or is that not kosher around here? i ask because i see you are typically in the med forum. Sent from my ZTE-Z990G using Tapatalk 2
  7. obviously they dont have to but Im sure 99% of us are here trying to get a second chance with our credit. When the banks f*cked around up to '08, they didnt get penalized, they got bailed out and are back to making record profit off consumers like you and me- No scarlet letters on their credit ratings. If they get to have a clean slate, then so do I. Amen brother Sent from my ZTE-Z990G using Tapatalk 2
  8. sidenote concerning supplements... look into beyond tangy tangerine... wow its good stuff... 90 nutrients and minerals plus pre and probiotics. blow your money on that stuff instead! Sent from my ZTE-Z990G using Tapatalk 2
  9. My AMEX used to report 'closed' now is reporting 'charge off' on my Experian. But they list NO payment history! The TL lists only one red square. Of course none of the negative tradelines report DOFD either on my EX....
  10. Thanks dramaqueen. i sent the JA letter to TU only, I found that Amex and Chase had updated a couple of things on their TLs when I checked my Experian report yesterday. Let me know if yours work and with which creditors.
  11. Yes WhyChat they are non medicals. I tried the 'jack attack' method with TU. LNVN caved and stop reporting to all three but I still have Chase, Amex, and Discover. I will try your method with Experian and Equifax. After omitting the first paragraph, would I use both of these paragraphs or just the underlined? "Please advise me as to the correct name and current address of this creditor, the name of the account holder, and the reported date of first delinquency,as any account I might have had at one time would be obsolete. If you can obtain this information, I also would need the name o
  12. ok thank you whychat, i will update as needed. in the meantime, i will enjoy my much cleaner reports.. down to 3 OC settled COs. Sent from my ZTE-Z990G using Tapatalk 2
  13. Well my Barclays hasn't updated since march 20th, anyone know how often it updates?
  14. Thank you very much WhyChat... I just checked the back door to Experian and Equifax, and both CRAs deleted the TL, so that makes all 3. I havent received any correspondence from the CA. Now, i still have a balance due to OC, but they haven't sent me anything in the mail either. Should I expect to see this item reappear in the future either from the same or different CA? I don't mind paying the balance, but I don't mind not paying either... so should I just sit tight?
  15. Here's the letter I received from them today: "We do not reflect $19.00 being billed to your account as Annual Fee." Hope that means it's permanently waived.
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