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  1. Thank you and, yes, I still have a bunch of IIB accounts on my reports.
  2. My BK7 was discharged in July 2009 (will stay on my reports until 2019) and I applied for the Blue Cash Preferred card today and was instantly approved. I have a 700 score and a couple of cards with decent limits, Cap One, a couple of CU credit cards, a bunch of piddly store cards, and I recently got a Chase Freedom (very low limit) on recon. Anyway, I did not burn Amex in my BK and this is my first card with them. I hope this info helps others that are in the same boat. I pulled the trigger figuring I would get an instant denial and I was very pleasantly surprised with the instant approval. I don't carry balances on my cards (PIF monthly) and I had 5 inquiries reporting, 1 of which is scheduled to fall off in December.
  3. I am in the exact same position - trading in a car that is "upside down", but I have cash to make up for the negative equity. It may be a six-of-one, half-a-dozen of another thing, but I feel cash is the way to go. It has been my expereince that dealers are more willing to work with you when you have cash in hand (even if it is only to make up the negative equity). Don't tell them what you owe on your trade-in until they tell you what they will offer you for your car. Then you know what, if any, "wiggle" room you have with that cash. It jsut seems that acsh spends easier then equity. YMMV

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