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  1. I just spoke to Mercedes, rate is 6.74%, no incentives for being a loyal customer. The credit union that hegemony mentioned rate for 4yrs is 4.24%. I will go that route. Thanks for all the info.
  2. Thanks for the info, I haven't spoken to Mercedes financial yet. I have to find out their rates. By what the salesman told us their rates are higher.
  3. Thank you, just checked, I will call them tomorrow with some questions.
  4. I believe Retail, My husband had checked.
  5. LTV = $27,000 to borrow Value is $32,000
  6. Hello, I will be keeping my lease, and I will need a lender. I have been leasing for the last few years, this is our 4th Mercedes leased. I have checked the prices of the vehicle and it makes sense. I have received emails from Capital One which I use a lot and pay in full monthly, my credit score is 850. I do not have a CU, but I can become a member if need be. All you input is greatly appreciated.
  7. Hello, Citi closed my account due to it being inactive. Does this lower my credit score? I have never had this happen. Thanks.
  8. I've been looking into applying for a business card. I wanted to apply for C1 until I saw that they report to your Personal Report so strike that out. I will also be using the card during international travels. I am not sure if Amex is accepted everywhere. Which ones do you suggest? I spend about $2000 monthly paid in full. Thank you.
  9. Hello, I currently have a Capital personal card and I was looking at their Sparks 2%. When going over their reviews and confirming with Capital One they report your credit spending to your personal credit report. I have a discover business card and it does not appear on my personal credit. Is anyone familiar with that? I like discover but it's not accepted everywhere. Any suggestions on other business cards? Thank you.
  10. Hello, does closing a business credit card affect your score? I know the account does not appear on my personal credit so I just want to make sure that it does not affect my score. Thank you.
  11. Thank you for your response. I will look into these options.
  12. Hello, I have had a Suntrust business card for a while (now truist). I lost the card recently and asked for a replacement. It has always been difficult to deal with them and their website has been challenging. I have been thinking of applying for a new business card. Which one would you suggest? I have discovery business already. It'll be primarily for small charges. No annual fees preferred. Thank you.
  13. I have been receiving a lot of credit card promotions. How can I opt out from all of the different cards? Thank you.
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