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  1. Thank you, I've called and they are able to put you on a 60 day freeze without incurring any fees. I will do as suggested. Also, we haven't used our credit cards for months, big lesson learned.
  2. I just renewed, I will call them and see what they can do. Thank you.
  3. Hello, I've been playing with my cc debt for a while now. I've opened new 0% accounts as suggested on these threads. When the 0% is over I transfer it to another one with 0%, accounts that I already have open. Now with the situation that we are all in, it's going to be a little tougher to pay more than close to the minimums. We owe a total of $25k, I've also worked with my DH's available credit for the 0% cards. I am so tired of this debt! Our credit is good over 700's. I've thought about a personal loan since we receive lots of promotions on these, are these loans personally guaranteed?
  4. I just spoke to them and they said there is no freeze! I will contact the company.
  5. Hello, it seems that Experian has my account frozen. I was trying to be verified by a company and I was notified that there is a freeze on my account. I've tried calling them at several numbers and I'm unable to speak with anyone. Any suggestions? Thank you.
  6. I have a total of 7 cards, two new ones which I opened with zero interest. I received another promotion for 24 months on another card, but I don't know if it's a good idea to have so many cards. Does it affect you negatively? I called 3 of my credit cards with high interests, as suggested, only Amex blue lowered the rate. Actually Discover is the lowest at 13% interest.
  7. Hello, I need to get out of debt! I started automatic bill payments with my discover and it's gotten out of hand. My intentions were to pay in full but it didn't happen. I work on commission and when money doesn't come in the debt increases. I was able to transfer to 0 interest cards for about 13 months (I had posted and you guys replied) but I still owe a big chunk to discover. I have decided to take off the automatic bill pay and go back to old school where you have a grip on what is owed. Having said this, please let me know the best way to attack this filthy debt! I divided the 0 int
  8. This might be a silly question, but I'm hoping you can clarify. When you charge on a card which has an active balance and you pay the amount charged, when you receive the bill, are you being charged interest on that particular purchase? Is it better to pay with a debit instead of charging? I know some people do it for the rewards but I'm trying to get out of debt... Thank you.
  9. Thank you for the info.
  10. I just received an offer for a balance transfer from "Fifth Third Bank" I am not familiar with this bank? Has anyone heard of them? Thank you
  11. Follow up on my transfers, Chase went through, HSBC also went through, and Wells denied! Wells I asked for the lowest amount of all cards $3k. I've been banking with them for as long as I can remember, paid off a mortgage through them late last year which I had never been late on...Their denial was based on amount owed hight to credit limits, and my balance in my accounts with them haven't increased they have maintained the same. Of course, I closed my savings account with them and transferred my money elsewhere when I was trying to pay for a high ticket item with my debit and the
  12. Thank you, just received my new card. I called them a couple of days later and answered some questions and I was approved. The credit issued was much lower than what they were stating on my online banking but that's ok. I will try HSBC as well, see how much they will offer me. I hope that my pulls do not lower my credit score too much.
  13. So, I've applied for the Chase card since I bank with them and they were giving me a promotion, it stated the amount that they were offering me. Once I submitted my request, the message stated that they will review further and let me know within 30 days. Is this the normal procedure? I thought I would get approved right away.... I also looked into HSBC, as mentioned by Sidewinder, they have an 18th month BT. Should I wait till I get an answer from Chase to make sure that the amount I requested is accepted? Thank you.
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