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  1. The phone call she received while at work was first contact from MCM. I want to thank everyone for your suggestions and the very useful information but unfortunately it will not be used. She has decided not to fight MCM and just sit back, pay the debt and be done with it. I told her that was a stupid decision, that she doesnt know who these people are or if the debt is actually valid but she wont listen. Pretty irritating but its her money. Thanks again to everyone!
  2. I should also point out that knowing her mom it is very possible that she actually DIDNT take care of this debt over a year ago and that there may be a real debt owed to Old Navy or possibly this collection agency.
  3. Long story short: My girlfriend had an Old Navy account about 4 years ago which she stopped using. Her mom swiped the card and started using it. Account went delinquent and eventually went to collections for the amount of $400-500. Her mom said she took care of it, this was about a year and a half ago. Today my girlfriend received a call from MCM (Midland Credit Management) claiming she owes them $960. Not knowing anything about debt collecting she said ok and paid them $160 on the spot and setup an automatic withdraw with them, they will take $160 on the 15th for the next 6 months. Having admitted to the debt and already given them some payment, is there anything she can do or is she now stuck with these people until the $960 is paid off? This is the first call she has gotten from these people and she has never received anything in the mail. EDIT: I should also point out that knowing her mom it is very possible that she actually DIDNT take care of this debt over a year ago and that there may be a real debt owed to Old Navy or possibly this collection agency.
  4. Im a little late but I was able to resolve this and have not heard back from them in about 6 months. I sent an initial DV and got a crappy validation response not proving anything. I then sent them another more detailed DV along with a letter outlining the laws they broke by not providing a proper validation the first time. After that they left me alone.
  5. Sorry for taking so long to post back here with my results. After sending them a DV and getting a crappy response. I sent them another more detail DV along with another more f-u letter outlining the CA laws they had broken by not providing me with proper validation. They quietly faded away and I have not heard from them since. I did not get anything reported on my credit score.
  6. I forgot to mention in my original post. This has not yet been reported on my credit report.
  7. So they can still file suit but it will be up to me to actually go to court and show the judge that the debt is past the SOL?
  8. CA contacted me regarding a $600 debt offering to settle for 50% ($300). I sent a letter denying the alleged debt and requested validation. They responded with the original paypal account information; account number, creation date, charge off and amount. But, they do not show how they came to the amount that I allegedly owe. The letter says that the account went delinquent for a $1150 CC chargeback and that I now owe $600. They do not explain how they got the $600 figure. Im contemplating sending a FOAD letter but before I do Im wondering if there is anything else I can send them in response to this validation. Here is a copy of the letter they sent;
  9. Is a CA likely to file suite on a $600 debt that is 5 years old?
  10. When I sent them a letter denying the debt and requesting validation. THey sent a crappy validation letter but at the top it was clearly listed; Date of charge off: Dec. 15, 2004. So the debt is just over 5 years old.
  11. A CA is hounding me for a debt that is 5 years old, the SOL in California is 4 years. Do I just need to send a FOAD letter and that is the end of it? Can they do anything since the debt is outside of the SOL? Can they do anything after I send them a FOAD letter?
  12. Since the SOL in California is 4 years and I am clearly out of the SOL I think I will send a FOAD or C&D letter. Since I am outside of the SOL, can ERS do anything after I send them one of these letters?
  13. Since they sent such a crappy validation, is there a good follow up letter I can send? Maybe one that requests more proof or that outlines some kind of violation on their part?
  14. Does anyone else find it odd that SquareOne got a letter from the same company, from the same guy for almost the exact same amount of money? Just off by a few cents.

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