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  1. Hmm, that does sound optimal, which is why I had gotten those CUs open since I had heard they were nice CUs to have.. the only thing that never came to be was the 700+ scores before my financial issues but as of now its starting to climb back up so soon (TM) The only bank I know your benefit in Checking CTSoxFan would be BCU for me, as they offer the same 3.00 APY on the up to 15k balance. National, BOA and Chase, which BOA I did used to have but never really felt great about them... and Chase well I had an old issue with the now gone WAMU that never got resolved. I know Chase bought them so I have no idea if they would one day zap my money to clear that negative balance. Ideally, I would love a Checking with a LOC Separate location for a high interest Savings, which from current info is Alliant Then credit wise 2 to 3 solid cards, which from what y'all have advised would diversify
  2. Hi All, Hoping I could get some advice on a possible change to a new CU to bank with, which currently my main bank is with SSFCU. Though generally I have had no issues aside from when I did have an issue with them with a incorrect transaction and got nothing but snappy attitude on it until they saw I was correct all along, just been basically just where my money goes and pay my bills from. They have been my main CU since 2014, I have heard that they are pretty conservative on credit products which was relevant when they denied me a LOC in 2018... the UW basically told me I need better credit (reason I applied to prove myself I said to myself lol) Based on this, I thought I would seek some advice and see if anyone with experience with their CUs could offer any friendly advice. I do have other CUs open but never really used them except DCU which I used their Quick Loan when I had an emergency this year... all paid off now. SSFCU benefit is basically it is down the street and did allow me to have a secured credit card. What I am looking for Nice friendly CU experience for my banking Great mobile and online options if needed if its a national CU like Alliant who would not be here (reside in San Antonio, TX) Decent card/LOC/personal options for an "Average Joe" like myself. Scores are currently around 650 and improving Decent chance for some credit products with such scores Optional - Nice rates of Savings products CUs I do have a membership with, two of which have a Payday benefit I believe RBFCU (in SA as well) Alliant DCU - Two day early pay BCU (Baxter) - My Employer CU, Two day early pay (Did apply a CC with them, told me my score was 564 o.o, must use a different FICO) I will keep SSFCU open as just an emergency stop in case I needed a cashiers check or if my scores got 700+ for a real CC from them if a better option is out there. Thanks in Advance
  3. Not sure if this was seen yet by anyone, apologizes if it has and should have searched a bit better. If not though, seems that Amazon/Synchrony is offering a secured version of their store card on one app... basically when you app you are first considered for their regular version then the secured for one pull. Same benefits minus needing the security deposit, but has the potential to graduate after 7 months. Thought I would share and see if anyone has tried for it.
  4. Thanks all for the help, I will definitely get it paid and closed before the first payment is needed. The origination fee was deducted from the 4200 (around 200) but I will just chalk it up to a cost to get a chunk of money in hand to aid me in this plan of mine. As cv91915 mentioned, I will also not used the "extra" and put it all towards the new loan as well.
  5. Thanks for the advice, so don't even let it age at all for any history? Just open the Secured Installment now, and pay it off now? Like I mentioned, I know rebuilding is expensive so I do not mind paying a bit of interest if it makes things look good down the road... or would paying it off now look just as good?
  6. Still in the reprocess of rebuilding from BK, I decided to get a loan to help with my mix and have a bit extra for this season. I got it from Avant (as mentioned I am still rebuilding so terms will suck) $4200 / 36mo / 29.95% / 167.71/mo. where I plan to hold this money for a bit to combine it with additional resources from my regular pay then pay off the loan for a better loan rate thru my credit union... who has a Secured Shared option at 3.10% and at 4k my payment would drop to 76$. My question here is, how long should I keep the Avant loan open to build some history. After this, will be my last credit item for 2 years while I let everything marinate and let things age. I have enough in my cards where I am comfortable, i just want to do this to build a better CU relationship (possible condo shopping after the two year mark and want to go thru them for the mortgage)
  7. Just checking again if anyone has any insight
  8. Had an inquiry on this collection, as I am rebuilding after Ch.7. All my old accounts appears under Adverse, in this case in TU, but all report 0 balance and IIBed. Credit Karma however on EQ/TU both report this collection however as affecting my score and flag it as "Needs Attention", so I am not 100% sure if there is anything to do here... as it does show IIB in the notes. The account is an account IIB-ed with the original creditor, so are they allowed to have it posted to my CR? Placed For Collection:05/24/2017 Responsibility:Individual Account Account Type:Open Account Loan Type:DEBT BUYER Date Updated:12/15/2017 Last Payment Made::06/09/2015 Original Amount:$1,174 Original Creditor:CITIBANK NA (Banking) Pay Status:>Account Included in Bankruptcy<
  9. Sorry guys for late followup, and thanks for the posts. Think I will just chill on Discover for now, let the time pass and/or if they send me a pre-approval letter maybe jump on it then. I will ask though, better cards for advise in that area, but may want a bit on my current situation. I am just out of BK 7 from loss of income, discharged 12/2017 and burned major brands (Citi, Chase, few Synchrony with Amazon one of them, Discover, Cap One) So far, as soon as I got that letter followed advise and got the ball rolling on some secured with some surprise... Cap One. Also, income wise things have been very fortunate and income has increase a bit with overtime, so with it plus clean slate its been a rise in life... though I still feel the guilt of losing the relationships I had SSFCU - Main CU, got a secured CC for 3500 BCU (Baxter CU) - My employee credit union for 1000 Capital One Platinum - Approved for a Platinum 5 days after discharge for 2000, +500 in 2 more months from an email I got Hot Topic - Preapproved, for 350 (get a shirt or a Funko to keep 50 active at all times) Gamestop - (get a game or collectible to keep 50 active at all times) I have had long relationships with these two banks, Penfed and USAA, but only really have had a Savings. USAA used to be my main bank around 2009-2012, but when I found out being a partial member isnt very beneficial I decided to move my money elsewhere but kept it active. I was going to see about a checking with Penfed, but looks like its a HP and will be based on credit if they will open from what I been reviewing. So if there is any guidance or experience on these, though I know these goals are for future aspects In terms of better options than Discover, where should I look/start building a relationship with? Can USAA or PENFED be an option and would it be beneficial with either to try and deposit some money with them (25 or so a pay period) to show some activity for the future? If yes on Penfed, would they be friendly to BK, and what kind of scores should I have before applying for the Checking (if needed) or what card and scores? Think for my Amazon I will try and get back with their store card as Synchrony seems to be forgiving, but probably want to wait for a bit more time and scores to get higher. Have also been seeing that Cap One might give me another card after 6 months which would be in July, so was thinking of trying for their Quicksilver card since I been seeing it pop up on here as a fair choice... I checked the pre-qualify recently and i been seeing a Platinum and the Quicksilver One Rewards pop up.
  10. Thanks for the link, I will read into it. Was my favorite card, the IT I used primarily since I loved using it to get points to later shop on Amazon, though only 2k limit but used the stuff out of it. Sounds like they do not blacklist though from the link, maybe I could get one much later as time passes, just thought maybe if I contacted them somehow and paid it, maybe I could get into their graces sooner haha.
  11. HI All, Per the title, I had Discover but was included in my BK in this past year... they were actually the ones that forced my hand to initiate it since they had prepared a suit. Owed them about 2100, so I wondered if you can at some point get back into their graces by paying back the debt in full, and if anyone had any experience in doing so.
  12. May just be CK that is reporting open and think Unifund is closed since it is IIB-ed on all 3 reports from what I see on ordering online reports... will still wait to Feb and pull hard copies then. Also, along with if another secured card, my bank also does have a secured loan, so thought I would also inquire if that would be beneficial or should I just start saving my extra funds and just wait it out on the two cards I have. I do have a student loan deferred till Apr 2018, wonder if that will help with the "mix". If waiting it out is best course, then I will just save... see if I get any hits on the shopping card trick I read about or bite the bullet at maybe Old Navy or Wally when I see scores possibly around mid 600s. After my secured card posted, got a little jump but Cap 1 still hasn't reported... may not be till next since I had no balance. Guess I should have made this my own journey post haha Current as of 12/28 (all were around 555 post discharge) EX 592 / EQ 575 / TU 573
  13. So, after a tough time and Ch7 now behind me (11/27) , I am on my way to get back on the straight path. Right off the bat, as soon as I received the Discharge and Case Close notifications, I decided to try and get my hands on a CC to get the ball moving. So far... Secured CC from my CU - Cash Rewards 3500.00 secured limit, 12.7% (does not graduate, but hope to get a good enough relationship with my bank to apply unsecured. Earns interest, will be my main card for all purchases Unsecured Platinum from Capital One - Cash Rewards 2000.00, 22.9% after 6/18 (Will use sparsely after June) Both I will pay close to full every month. I do have an option to get another Secured card with my company's CU so quesiton here is it worth another secured? This one would be 18%, no rewards but the CU does review for additional line grants with no need to add funds.. and I can add more if I want. Credit reports I do plan to comb through to see if there is any issues in Feb, to give time for things to settle and update. As far as CK and MyFico, from what I see everything shows Closed except for a collection from Unifund. It has the marks for IIB, no balance according to the sites but the only thing I see that could be wrong is it shows OPEN. Is this correct? Is the best course for requesting a paper report, is it only a phone call? I remember long time ago I sent Certified/RR by mail and got them that way, but that was 8 or so years ago. Website does not seem to be very friendly as far as I can tell on the bureau's websites on requesting paper reports. Other then that, still reading to see what all I need to be doing. Any other ideas or suggestions, as I know this is a long journey to get back to where I was and rebuild to where I once was score wise, but never again on the shear card count wise that got me in this mess
  14. My Ch7 Discharge papers ... the sign of new beginnings.

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