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  1. I have two collection accts. with Midland. One is for $870 and the other for $940 or so. I have disputed (the original amounts were incorrect) and they came back corrected and verified. Should I attempt PFD? If that's a no-go, should I PIF or just try to settle for a lesser amount. They send me offers every few months to settle for around $540 each. It's another 3 years before they SOL is up and I'd like to get them off/paid before then so I can get my credit back in order.
  2. kkk1

    Repo in FL...

    I just spoke with the lender. I owe about $4000 or so more than it's worth. What the rep said is that I'll receive a notice offering redemption before it goes to auction. Then after a certain amount of time it'll be auctioned. Then I'll get the deficiency notice and he said I'd have to make payments on that amount. I asked if it would be owed all at once and he said no, it could be paid all at once but their policy is to accept payments. He also gave me his direct line and his email to contact him with any questions before, during, and/or after the process. He said it will only go to collections if I do not make regular payments on the deficiency amount for x amount of time. I hope he's correct, as this gives me some hope for avoiding being sued at least - if there's a bright side here that would be it.
  3. kkk1

    Repo in FL...

    I was able to defer 2 payments around the time of the surgery - I was in between jobs then and had just started getting back together when the hours were cut (it's a budget thing) and so even though I know repo will kill my scores, I'm not sure I have an option. Did you end up going through repo? If so, what was the aftermath as far as money owed on deficiency, etc.?
  4. kkk1

    Repo in FL...

    Hi - I do have medical insurance - these are my bills after insurance. The payment plan they worked out for me is $160 and $140 per month on two separate bills totaling about $5500. Those two payments combined are not really within my budget and I also have some doc bills and physical therapy bills I'm paying on monthly in smaller amounts. I know it'll kill my credit... my main concern is what happens after and if I'll be sued, etc.
  5. kkk1

    Repo in FL...

    I am almost 2 payments behind on my car loan (2 months behind as of next week) due to a cut back in hours at my job. I've been juggling things as best I can over the last 4 months, but I have just been notified that my position is not going to be budgeted for summer (June through August) and I am not sure what my hours will be afterwards beginning in Sept. I am seeking other employment, but no prospects as yet. Further, I have a ton of medical bills due to a surgery my son had to have about 9 months ago. I am strongly considering voluntary repo on the car, as I'm pretty sure that's where it's going; I cannot foresee making the payments in the next few months at least and I have to put rent, food, etc. first. I do have a car that is paid off that I will be able to use if the car is repo'd. How bad of a problem for the future am I looking at if it comes to this? Any advice?
  6. I've been doing my research on the boards here. I looked up Midland here: https://real.flofr.com/ConsumerServices/SearchLicensingRecords/Search.aspx They seem to have active licenses in CA but not in FL. Does anyone know if I am correct on this? Also, if I am correct, does this mean they cannot collect from me since I live in FL? TIA.
  7. I have 2 cards that have been charged off and sent to collection. I can make payments on these now (I'd lost my job and couldn't keep up anything at all on them for 6 months) but I called the companies and they say they won't take payment from me unless I can pay in full. One is CreditOne and one is Citi. Any advice? I'd like to avoid contact with the CA if at all possible and pay the OC.
  8. I've read through this forum but am wondering if there are any more current recommendations for agencies/companies that offer debt management plans. I have also seen a lot of negative responses/opinions to these options, but I'm not sure I can tackle this without assistance. Any information/advice is much appreciated. TIA.
  9. I have a medical collection from 2010. I'm not sure it's valid, as I have not received any notices from the medical office that I know of (I have moved twice since 2010). The CA TL reads "Amount: $2--. Status of of 3/2010 - In BK. Balance as of 3/2010: $0" I did have a BK discharged in 2010. However, this account was not included, as I did not at the time know it existed. This TL was put on my CR after my BK was filed and discharged (like a year afterwards). Because of this incorrect info and because I'm not sure I owe it at all, I'm not sure where to start. Do I send the Why Chat initial dispute letter to the CRA and see what happens or is there another course of action I should take first?
  10. Today I got a notice of a "change" to my CR from EQ. What I have listed below is from the online version, as it just reported today I haven't even requested a hard copy yet. Here's the summary: CA is Gold Key It's a medical collection. Date reported: 03/2010 Date Assigned: 05/2011 Date of Final Delinquency: 06/2009 Balance as of: 03/2010 (no balance amount listed). Here's the thing - I've never gotten a bill from this doc - not ever. This is my regular doctor's office. I haven't been there in well over a year and a half (maybe 2). I did have an insurance issue of late from a discrepancy in my coverage from a few years ago and so it's more than possible that what was submitted by the doc to insurance and originally paid is now being requested by the insurance agency. But still, I've NEVER gotten a bill or notice from the doc office. Also, no nothing from the CA other than the reporting on EQ today. And, odd that it's reporting "Status: Bankruptcy" since my BK7 was filed 03/2010 and discharged 06/2010 and this was not even a bill I had at the time of the BK. I will call the doc's office tomorrow and deal with that part of it, but what do I do about the CA reporting? And if the doc office refuses to recall from the CA/take my payment (assuming I can pay it all at once since I don't even know the amount) what recourse do I have since they never sent me a bill? Any insight/recommendations are welcome and appreciated. I've been making such good progress since the BK7 (EQ was 635 from original of 493 in April of 2010) and now this - ugh!!!
  11. kkk1

    MPM Fraud alert?

    Thanks for the info. First for me too - and I've disputed before so no idea how/why this happened. Annoying, to say the least. Hopefully it won't cause either of us too much trouble.
  12. kkk1

    MPM Fraud alert?

    I'm curious to know how this turned out... I tried pulling MPM last night and it wouldn't let me - said "some of your information is incorrect" and that I'd need to contact CS. Well, I tried again first thing this a.m. and I had no problem getting in, but there was a notice of fraud alert for EQ. I recently submitted disputes to EQ and TU but none were "not mine." Then I got a letter in the mail today from EQ stating I was getting the letter because I'd requested a fraud alert, etc., etc. and the other two CRA's will be notified...blah, blah. This is disturbing to me and I'm not sure how to handle it so any insight you can offer is appreciated. TIA
  13. Hi - Check out the BK Forum - especially the pinned topics. Below I pasted from the thread "Negative reporting on Debts Discharged in Bankruptcy" Here's the link: http://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=181055&st=100 ...and an excerpt from the first post in the thread: The most-asked question: 'How should debts included in bankrutpcy be showing on my credit reports ?' The answer: All debts that were included in your bankruptcy should be reporting with a ZERO balance, show ZERO due, show nothing past due after the date of your bankruptcy filing, and should be noted as "included in bankruptcy' or similar verbage. If the tradeline does not report this way, dispute anything and everything that is wrong. If you have account history that includes lates and charge-off that occurred BEFORE you filed for bankrupcy, that history can legally continue to be reported. If there are incorrect dates, dispute it. A discharged debt can NOT be late - ever. So if a creditor reports a late for a date AFTER your bankruptcy FILING date, and certainly post-discharge, dispute it.

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