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  1. congrats, the other half has Navy accounts which are his highest tradelines 12.5k on the cash rewards and 7k on navchek both within 24 hr approval because Eq was frozen at the time I think his highest tradeline was 1.5k...big jump!
  2. ya spending stopped...like I said it was a unique set of circumstances and not something I'd recommend for a good time you'd be surprised (or maybe you wouldn't) at how old shopping gets and how fast when you have to buy.....every.single.thing. (think the totally mundane) I didn't even replace a quarter of our belongings...Ive gotten used to have spare looking walls and I know the drill...but I honestly haven't pulled a report in about a year ...and the TL's are too insane to list honestly...lol luckily only 4 things actually have balances and only two of those balances are worth worrying about unfortunately theyre both with navy so Im not sure they'll give me a cli..if they give us the equity loan were good to go its not like drowning debt...Ive just been horrible disorganized for the last year and Im constantly stressed Im going to miss a due date Id really like it all more or less in one place
  3. the repo infuriates me for the record because it was a deployment repo while deployed to a no contact zone...its not even actually from 06' I've never gotten in squared away and the stupid thing is paid but doesn't report as such
  4. sound advice... with a 12k limit, a 8k limit and a handful of 5k limits...youre probably right highest interest rate card is 14% so I guess it could be worse just really wanted to pay off ALL debt in 12 months instead of 24-36 losing about a half million dollars in non liquid assets was quite a set back...and I couldnt resist the home upgrades while it was gutted down to framing and foundation....sue me
  5. Im in credit trouble... not big trouble but uncomfortable trouble. our house burned down last year...insurance paid for a lot(more or less all) but we used credit cards to upgrade quite a bit more have a lot of large balances and closed to maxed out on about half of our revolving trade lines I really want to transfer about 6k in balances to a decent balnce transfer card just denied for a chase slate...reason stated delinquent account (one cap one repo the of course reports monthly) have some very big cards but not enough available credit on them to transfer the small cards I don't want to deal with just streamline refied..it was recommended I use the savings to pay off the debt. This will take forever Id like to transfer discover and capital one primarily to something else cap one has been pushing for a car loan which is ironic givin the credit report baddie is a cap one repo from 06 so Im wondering if they'll do a second card? but I would imagine theyd prevent transfer from the other card usaa has never offered anything beyond the initial $500 card they issued 2.5 yrs ago..so Im guessing no go there. just applied for an equity loan with navy and got past the credit and income part of it (I think) but have to wait out the equity part of it...dunno if its gonna fly honestly because I'm depending on the fact that sales have been stable here and our house has about 60k in upgrades. navy is out for cards because we owe them a LOT of money already between a card and navchek so...any ideas you credit geniuses? none of these are gonna default but its damned uncomfortable right now with no end in sight
  6. husband got approved for amex with a subprime card (several) showing on his credit reports we've gotten a little more relaxed about all of this though thoughts are if they approve it..great. If they don't oh well..its an inquiry I can wait out and try again later.
  7. Im currently trying to go for an equity loan with Navy... I'll say this much, they are lightening fast with paperwork but I faxed in the requested docs on wed. morning and haven't heard a peep since. all of the brokers in the mortgage forum are very good. one of them actually rescued the home buying process for us 3 yrs ago and we went back to him for the refi process because our original interest rate wasn't spectacular. Upside to using the same guy...he still had the file from the original loan so docs were just about non existent (streamline refi anyway tho)
  8. yeah...I was all for electronic documentation keeping too...then every computer in my house melted... I suggest saving it virtually somewhere as well luckily I went and checked some of my email and discovered scanned in credit reports that verifies this recent dunning is not in fact mine or is so old it aged off two years ago (im going with not mine for real though)
  9. I kept absolutely every shred of coorespondence with copies of hard copies of each credit report that had the account on it (monthly) in each folder for each account. I kept all emails with various agencies regarding each account in own virtual folder in my email. I also scanned in every coorespondence to have it on my computer for quick viewing and what I thought was a secure location then my house burned down...I have copies of none of my work for the last year and a half *sigh* and lo and behold, dunning comes in from a bottom feeding junk debt collector today for an account I seriously don't remember my husband ever having (all the credit cleanup was for his reports)either on his reports or in his hands. this is a tad frustrating....so a dv-ing i will go Im guessing because this bottom feeder offered a 300 dollar and some change settlement for "settled in full" for a supposed 1800k and some change debt...they don't have a leg to stand on.. anyway, my point is...unless you keep it in a fire box or a safety deposit box...you'll probably not saving it correctly
  10. I have no idea.....I have near constant phone calls at my house because of whoever had the phone number before we were given it I would probably complain to either my attorney general or comptroller of public utilities? given that its a business line it might get real traction
  11. vetswife


    have you looked at whychats repo info? follow the advice to a T it matters not who the lender actually was
  12. treat it like you would any other creditor... I actually used to go for brute force after a request for goodwill would be shot down my DH had a utility bill that we knew nothing about that was astronimical....they wouldn't recall it from the CA (who was the one actually reporting) for a PIF/no dispute kind of situation. well..I got a consumer advocacy group involved who put in a plea to the attorney generals office ...who basically told the utility company they were pulling the debt for a PIF I've never had a collection agency be so nice and get an ACTUAL manager on the phone....a front line CSR actually told my husband he was lyibng and to pound sand when they didn't pull it off the reports fast enough for our liking...a manager called us back as soon as he hung up th phone and kissed his butt..it was insane...then promptly faxed over a recall and deletion letter...it was gone in 24 hrs off all three reports thats not even the fastest one...but it was a close second ANYWAY, my point was...use all of your usual channels that would use for any other creditor...tweak them to fit your needs and the OC my method just happened to be war
  13. yeah....but even my old faithful credit union pulls this but I hear ya... I happen to detest BOA for their practice of always havin their hand in the cookie jar
  14. oh also...congrats on your sweeping successes thats awesome!
  15. stay out of toy card hell if you can help it....a 4 digit secured line is better than 3 digit unsecured... that said DH just went from 3 digit toy card hell to a 5 digit in under a year...I would imagine having the 6 digit mortgage helps tho

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