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  1. Well im sure i didint signed anything saying i owe that much. But our initial agreement does say i have to submit any payment owe before we can finalize our business relationship. I simply didnt submit the last payment because i felt i was getting screw. I spoke with the CA and told them that i'll see them in court because i had proof i didnt owe the amount they claim but the right amount. After a few days they come back to me and say that their client said that its willing to settle for the amount i owe because it will cost them more to go to court. But i dont want to settle unless is for less of what owe. Because they still claim i owe them more but are willing to take less which is what i owe. Im not sure what to do here.
  2. Its in Kansas. The amount they are charging me its coincidentally the actual debt plus an amount they hold as a deposit. I was ready to pay as soon as they subtract my deposits from the debt but they refuse they say that that is the amount i owe after the subtraction of the deposits. I dont know what to do but to wait to take it to court because i do have paper work to show. Maybe the judge will make them change the amount. But in the mean time the collection agency is harassing me. I dont know how to slow them down or stop them.
  3. Hi, Can anybody help me or point me on the right direction. I have a business where i used a company to do certain transaction on credit they financed the transaction until i made the deposit in cash to their account. The business was going to a tough time and i was unable to deposit. So when they requested their money they say it was double what i was supposed to deposit. I try to explain that the amount was wrong but they simple did not comply. So i denied paying it back until they bill me for the right amount. Now is in collections and the collection agency is going hard on me so how can i stop them or hold them back from harassing me. The collections agency say they can do whatever they want because the FDCPA doesnt apply to commercial debt. Anybody know how to deal with this kind of thing. Thanks in advance. Also if i put this on the wrong place can someone move it.
  4. Ride2kmax

    NFCU update

    I came to the board today just to let everyone know i just got in with NFCU. Thanks to the OP for this space.
  5. They do. It's a hard on Equifax. How about chexsystem?
  6. If i known i would have not applied for it. Because i'm not unfreezing experian or equifax.
  7. Walmart respond and i got DENIED - NUMBER OF RECENT REQUESTS FOR CREDIT Capitol One- respond - DENIED - Reason credit bureau Equifax/Experian information is missing or unavailable. How come they want to see all 3 bureaus?.
  8. Walmart respond and i got DENIED - NUMBER OF RECENT REQUESTS FOR CREDIT
  9. Thanks for bringing that up, I already tried and it didn't work. I guess i'm really not pre-approved. I did include them in my bk.
  10. I included sears on my BK. Last week i apply and got denied but they say it was for too many inquiries and short credit history. They didnt mention about having them in my bk.
  11. I finally went on an application spree. Fako scores the day i apply where exp. 704 eq. 699 tu. 708 I unfroze Transunion which had 2 hard inquiries. This are the results. Amazon store card -Approved limit $800 Paypal MC -Denied They offered my the paypal store card and i took it - Limit $400 Barclays Priceline -Denied- Insufficient credit history - Low available credit on existing credit cards - High number of inquiries. BS- My credit utilization was at 25%, total credit inquiries after spree were 8. Target Card -Denied- Too many recent inquiries. Sears card -Denied- Number of satisfactory open credit cards - Too many Inquiries for credit - Length of Credit history. My average age of acounts was 3.5 years (just 2 accounts). Best buy card MC -Denied- HSBC doesn't want to pull transunion and they couldn't get to Ex or EQ. NO hard inquiry. Walmart Card -Waiting for response. Capitol One -Waiting for response. All responses were by mail except Amazon and paypal. The whole thing was a failure too many deny apps. Gave away hard inquiries. But it kind of felt good to get approve for at least two. Its been 3 years since i got approved for anything. My credit was so messed up due to fraud that i completely lost hope of getting any credit in my life time. Now how can i get all this inquiries off my report????.
  12. I disputed an old address and experian responded with a fraud alert on my report and discarded my dispute. I guess i'll wait for the 30 days and send them a similar letter of the one posted above. I hate experian they just wont re-investigate.
  13. How long did it actually took for you to get the report? I requested mine like 30 days ago and still nothing.

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