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  1. During my 1st rebuild, I had a lot of success using Jack Attack back in 2010. So I've been reading a lot of Metro 2 Compliance and I am confused. I understand the basis of Metro 2 Compliance, which is to ensure that the data supplied is compliant with reporting guidelines under Metro 2, but a lot of the information I see refers to a Metro 2 Compliance/Reporting document that shows how information must be complied and etc. Also, the dispute letters for a Metro 2 compliance look like normal dispute letters? Am I over thinking this or am I being entirely obtuse on this subject? Looking for any guidance to do some more research and reading/videos at all possible. If not, I'll stick with the Jack Attack Method.
  2. The only question I had was "What would be more beneficial to my FICO Auto Scores, paying down Utilization or Paying off this Repo/Auto Charge off from 2017?"
  3. They are showing balance changes every month, so I'm lead to believe it is being updated every month.
  4. Why is that? I don't question it, but question why a scoring model would dock someone for paying a C/O. I do have a current auto loan for over 2 years, no lates.
  5. I plan on applying for an Auto Loan in about 3-5 months (whenever my new 2022 Toyota Tundra) is delievered. So far, I had a pre-qualification done through Capital One and PenFed CU, both were for about 4.6-4.9% APR for 72 months. Toyota is offering a 2.99% APR for over 72 Months, but I want to ensure I can get the best rates (Under 3.5% or better) by the time I apply. I will plan on applying at my local CU (2 of them), PenFed and Navy FCU. Here is my situation and scores: My Current Utilization for the following: Equifax: 49% TransUnion: 26% Experian: 51% I just paid off 2 credit cards that will be reporting in the next 2-3 days, and my Utilization should drop down to around 36-38% for Equifax and Experian, and TransUnion will drop down to about 6-7% Utilization. As for the baddies: - TransUnion will have the only remaining collection account will be removed around the end of April. - 7 Defaulted Student Loans that have since then been paid off (each loan has 10 Late Payments) for a total of 70 Late Payments will be removed in May due to Early Exclusion on TransUnion - Verizon Wireless Charge Off (still reporting $60) SHOULD be reporting paid soon with in the next few days (I paid this charge off about 3 weeks ago) - Still waiting for a Autherized User Account to report to TransUnion and Experian (26 Year Old Account with 0% Utilization and 0 Lates). - I had an Autoloan that I cosigned for my NOW ex-wife that she allowed to be repo'ed just to get back at me in 2017 and is still currently reporting as a Charge Off with $736 owed. - I have had 3 Autoloans, 2 of them NEVER LATE, and 1 which had a few late payments from when I was going through my divorce. So my question is this: SHOULD I focus on paying off the AUTOLOAN Chargeoff from Ally Bank ($734) OR Lower my Utilization even more to below 8.9% I will have about $1500 to play with over the next month, and I can either get my Utilization down to that range, OR pay off the chargeoff and have it report as PAID. This charge off will fall off around the end of 2023, but I will have already applied for a new loan by then. Thanks for any and all help!
  6. So I've been starting a Goodwill Letter campaign, so far no success. Credit Acceptance - 6 Late Payments -I've sent 5 Letters (received an email and a letter saying they can't do nothing about it) -I've called a few times (no avail) -I've emailed the executives which sent it back to the Credit Reporting Department, then got a call from the corporate office saying they reviewed the records, no changes will be made -Credit Acceptance offers a Covid relief program IF you notified them before hand, which I didn't, but basically they would not report your payments for 90 days. I've tried to get them to retroactively apply it, they won't even do that. Still not giving up, I'll send more emails, and maybe I'll get lucky. Verizon Wireless - Charge Off (Paid) -I sent 4 different emails to their top executives last night (No response yet) -I've called several times and ultimately ends in, we can't do anything about it. I have not disputed this with the CRA's yet, waiting it it's updated as PAID. Local Credit Union -I've sent out just 1 Goodwill Letter a week ago, no response yet, but honestly I'm surprised I haven't gotten a call or anything yet since it is a local CU and it's extremely small. Thinking about emailing the CEO of the local CU just to directly address it. Colonial Savings (Mortgage) - Too many late payments over a 3 year period -Haven't attempted yet. Suggestions or Contacts?
  7. In the process of rebuilding my credit, I had to accept a loan for a subprime auto lender, Heritage Credit Acceptance about 2.5 years ago on a 4 year loan. I just NOW realized, they do not report to Experian. I have had a perfect payment history with them. Is there ANY options available to get this tradeline reported other than contacting Heritage Credit Acceptance? I will be calling them on Monday to request they report (but I do not hold out any hope they actually will comply as it's stated on their website they only report to TransUnion and Equifax) Suggestions?
  8. So on all 3 of my reports is a Verizon Wireless Charge Off for $60 that is being reported/updated monthly. It was reported around May of 2020.. So a month ago, I sent Verizon Wireless a letter stating that I believe the account was in error because my last payment with them SHOULD have covered everything that was due. I sent them proof of that payment and the amount. Never heard back from them. So today I decided to call the number on my credit reports, and it tells me that "this account has been placed with an outside collection agency, Diversified Adjustment Services, and their number is 866-923-2453, transferring you to Diversified Adjustment Services now..." Diversified Adjustment is NOT on my credit reports, and Verizon is still reporting a $60 every month. Suggestions? From my understanding, if Verizon has sold the account, they should be reporting a $0 balance.... Should I contact Diversified Adjustment Services or try another Verizon contact to see if they own the debt and etc? Thanks!
  9. So right now the only two collections I have across ANY of my reports are both on TransUnion and they are medical collections that were unpaid medical bills and now have been paid this month. So since they are paid medical collections, does this mean they are going to be removed in July according to this release?
  10. Planning on using it like a debit card, and paying it off every two weeks. Being an Amex Member help qualify for future Amex cards?
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