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  1. I've tried looking for an answer to this question but couldn't find one. In short, can you DV a business debt? Short version: We moved one of our offices and AT&T cut off our service like we asked them to. Then, a month later we get a bill for "repayment of the discount" we received when we had their service. We told AT&T to pound sand unless they could show us a signed contract that contained a provision stating they could levy those charges on us. Crickets. Heard nothing for months until a collection agency started calling. I DV'ed them and asked for proof but they're still calling. Does the FDCPA cover businesses just like it does individuals?
  2. I would contact transunion and get an explanation. That account should NOT be showing, even with a full factual. I did that late yesterday afternoon. They're claiming that it doesn't show up on there. I'm calling again today and hoping to get the answer I want
  3. I applied for the Amazon store card last summer and got an instant approval for $2K. I was a in the market for a new TV so I bought a package that they were offering 2 years no interest on.
  4. I've been dealing with lenders the last few days on getting an FHA loan and all of them said FHA wants to see 4 open trade lines
  5. then i would print out any reports u have and say "hey there i guess u dont have my MY FACTUAL report then" lol cause if they did then they would see that u dont have a 1st prem on your reports lol I wish that would work! I'm just going to dig out the letter from Transunion I got a few years ago saying it was removed from my report. Thank God I kept all that stuff.
  6. I knew the mortgage lenders would pull a full-factual on me but this First Premier account that I successfully disputed off as "not mine" should not be on that report. The lender said it had a chargeoff date of December 2010. If that was the case, it should show up on my TU report but it doesn't because it was successfully disputed off ages ago. I called Transunion and asked them about this and they don't have a record of this account.
  7. The problem with that is that it's still within the legal reporting period of 7 years. I had it removed because the name that First Premier reported to the bureaus didn't match what was on my license. I still have the letter showing it was removed. From what I understand, a full factual will pull anything that fell off because of age but shouldn't pull anything you were able to successfully dispute off. That's why this is somewhat confusing to me. The chargeoff date she gave me was Dec 2010 but it was a lot older than that.
  8. Citi AAdvantage was one of my dream cards also. They approved me for a Mastercard when I hit 705 and gave me an $11K limit. After a few months, they gave me an AMEX card to go with it.
  9. Oh and even after this I was pre-approved by the lender in question along with 2 others
  10. After going through a divorce, I decided to pull the trigger on buying a place. I'm sure this will bring out every single scumbag collection agency known to man now that I've had a few mortgage companies pull my credit. This evening, I spoke with one lender that said I have a chargeoff from First Premier on my TU file dated December 2010. This was a card I had a LONG time ago but I successfully disputed it off ages ago. My issue is that I cannot see it on the reports I've pulled from MyFico, USAA or Transunion itself. I'm a little baffled by this. Has anyone else experienced this?
  11. About a month and a half ago, a CA was calling me about a balance I had with the university where I went to graduate school. Of course, I immediately fired off a DV letter. Well, last week they finally sent validation. It is mine. I got a bunch of parking tickets during finals week of my last semester and forgot to take care of them . This isn't currently reporting on my CRs and I don't want it to. I plan on paying the amount due (about $450) but I am unsure how to craft a response to the CA. I want to tell them that I will pay it but I don't want it on my credit report.
  12. Congrats on the Amazon card! They approved me back in July for a $2200 CL. Took advantage of that and the 24 mos no interest to buy a big flat screen for my living room.
  13. The gist of it was "My name is so and so from CRA. I need to speak with you or your representative today. When calling back please reference this number". I'm just going to fire off an unknown debt letter. My curiosity had me considering a phone call back but my common sense kicked in.
  14. I had someone from CRA leave me a message yesterday. The message sounded like someone was trying to scare me. It didn't work and, from what I saw in a Google search, that is their SOP. It's been a good while since I've dealt with collectors. Can't imagine what the heck it could be. Should I call them back and control the conversation to find out what it is or send an unknown debt letter?

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