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  1. In relation to rewards redemption, the hidden faq says: “Use the card and earn rewards on every purchase, everywhere your Verizon Visa Card is accepted. Buy gas, shop at grocery stores, dine out and more, and earn Verizon Dollars1 to redeem toward Verizon purchases or to use toward your monthly Verizon wireless or Fios bill2. (Enrollment in Mobile + Home Rewards is required for the use of Verizon Dollars toward Verizon Fios bill payment.)“ so looks like you can only redeem on Verizon Stuff.
  2. Searched the forum and did not see this posted immediately anywhere. I just got a letter from NFCU saying my existing card account will be getting 0% APR for purchases for 12 months and 12 months 0% BT (must transfer balance by Oct 14th). I have never heard of an issuer giving 12 months of 0% for purchases on an existing account? Has anyone else got this offer? The account is a cashRewards visa that I have had for about 6 years. I sporadically use it to keep it active.
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  4. Assuming you are not trying to pay on the same day the statement cuts... wouldn't you have to [manually] sum the pending charges then add to your current balance to get the payment amount? Not all lenders including pending items in your total balance until they have cleared. Not applicable in the OPs case, but if you're just lazy you can setup auto-pay for the statement balance. That is far less work than tracking payment due dates and trying to maintain $0 balances. I state this only as an option for someone with ample amounts of revolving credit.
  5. What does this mean for existing Amex Jet Blue holders? Maybe not an apple-to-apple comparison, but when a store card switches banks the existing accounts are typically transferred to the new bank. (Ex: Kohls was managed by Chase, then all accounts were transferred to Cap1) So in this case will the existing accounts be transferred over to Barclays or will existing customers just be converted to another Amex product like Everyday?
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  7. I could imagine that if you didn't need the other 5% categories one quarter (like when Chase has department stores or restaurants) this would be a useful backup. Also if you are paying for a membership for yourself and partner and pay for the whole year in one month would be an easy way to use it for one quarter. For example: $30 * 12 months * 2 people = 720 * 0.05 = $36
  8. As far as the rotating category cards I usually keep a sticky note near my computer with the quarter's Chase Freedom, Discover, Citi Dividend, and my Cash+ selections. Unless one of them is doing a gas or grocery 5% I don't carry it around, I just take it out of the sockdrawer when I am planning on using it for a 5% category (Dept Store, Electronic Stores, Movie theater, etc.). For all my non-category purchases I use the Fidelity 2% Amex.
  9. I have had similar questions before. My favorite is when it asks what year a specific address was built and the address is an apartment complex. It's stupid, but nothing you can really do about it
  10. jph5125

    Alliant CU

    They do offer auto-refinance loans (it's just called an auto-loan on their site), as far as where a preapproval for one would show up I do not know. I received a preapproval for an auto loan a few weeks in the mail and applied. My scores were around 690-ish on EQ and I ended up with 1.75%. You could always call and see if they will re-use your membership hard inquiry to apply for an auto refinance.
  11. APPROVING BANK: Alliant Credit Union BUREAU PULLED: Equifax CREDIT SCORE: 690 CUSTOMER STATE OF RESIDENCE: Texas NEW/USED: New YEAR OF VEHICLE: 2013 MILEAGE: 25 RETAIL/LEASE: 23,000 AMOUNT OF LOAN: 15,000 TERM CONTRACTED: 72 months APR/LEASE RATE: 1.75% MONTHLY PAYMENT: $220 MISCELLANEOUS COMMENTARY: Loan amount was after trade in, employee discount, and $2k down payment. Alliant sent a promo flier to my home with a preapproval and $100 bonus if approved. I recently just moved to Texas and started a new job less than a month ago, so I was surprised for such a low rate (lowest possible: 1.49).

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