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  1. My Rite Aid Wellness turned into Plenti last year, I believe. I've accumulated enough points from doing my Rite Aid deals and prescriptions, etc that I paid for both my sons' clearance comforter sets from Macy's with points only. I was fine with that.
  2. Some of them will qualify for their loans to be forgiven. Most nursing students will have to start completely over with no transfer of credits. So, for them it's about the loss of time. There's an opportunity cost of lost wages and lost benefits, like retirement accounts and pensions, that comes with delaying graduation another two years. For people entering nursing as a second career, it's a pretty big blow for them.
  3. Then you end up on the other end of the spectrum with my tea glass sitting empty for an hour. Melted ice and tea mixture isn't tea! Refill my freaking glass!! Literally, I decide your tip based on how long my tea was empty.
  4. I agree when you're talking about Univ of Phoenix and other worthless degrees. However, online degrees from legitimate universities are perfectly fine. My BS in Information Systems from Strayer cost me only about $15K back in the early 1990s. I attended normal classes on campus. Online wasn't even a thing back then. They have the quarter system, so I was able to complete a 4-year degree in only 3 years. It opened the door to a very lucrative IT career. Best investment I ever made, by far. At one time, I did apply for law school. It was either UVA or W&M, two of the very be
  5. I haven't checked out that link, but I just got an alert from CCT regarding Chase. They increased my Amazon Visa from $400 to $1800. I almost fell out of my chair because Chase isn't terribly fond of me. My Freedom is $1k.
  6. I wasn't saying plasma. But that's a good one too.Not everyone qualifies to sell plasma though.
  7. No, you sure can't. But for some things that don't have coupons regularly, it's an option.
  8. Good idea, we might just do as much as we can that way.My area just started doing grocery pickup where you can order your groceries, they pull them, you go pick them up. My sister, who cares for a one year old, loves it.
  9. So, she already has one debt consolidation loan that isn't paid off, a new consolidation loan that she couldn't qualify for so her mother is bailing her out with a personal loan and she still has half a dozen or so open credit cards and a shiny credit score with which to dig yet another new hole filled with debt?
  10. The traits I discussed aren't necessarily bad ones. She's had to survive and it's admirable that she has. It's just some characteristics that you need to be aware of if you choose to take her in. It will change your parenting tactics. By necessity.
  11. Yes, she's learned coping mechanisms and survival skills. She's probably accustomed to a level of independence that most 13 year olds don't have. Both from a lack of parental care and supervision and of necessity of caring for herself since the parental units didn't.
  12. It's definitely a hard cycle to break. I'm not a fan of cooking so it's hard for me to not eat out. I need to work on that because as the teenagers age off their survivors benefits, I'll have a declining household income. I know another widow who squandered nearly all of the substantially larger amount of insurance benefits she received, has no job skills and is now fostering because her teens are aging off their benefits and soon she'll have no income at all.
  13. Regardless of stupidity, and shiftiness, it's still a sad, sad, situation hope they find some sense now that they have hit rock bottom. Believe it or not, this might not actually be rock bottom. It could get much worse from here.
  14. Give them the number to the nearest Salvation Army. Explain to them that homelessness means they're out of options. They will probably be separated. Men's shelter and women's shelter. They don't get to choose staying together because they don't have resources to provide for themselves. They're needing shelter which means playing by the rules of the shelters. It sucks, but that's the way it is in charity. Beggars can't be choosers and all that.
  15. Yes. Married him. Widowed nearly two years now. I'm currently raising his mini in the form of our youngest.
  16. Could you cut out a 1/4-1/2 acre plot and separate the title/deeds? Oh. It's a garage. Is it a free standing garage?
  17. It's been a long road, getting from there to here. We've been in the house now for nearly five months. Settling in. We're now at the point where we are settled and now we're fine tuning. Some @$$h@t$ stole my lawnmower from my shed before I got the chance to move it. So, I had to buy a new one. Fortunately for me, it was summer clearance time at Walmart. (Lowe's/HD really don't put lawn equipment on clearance except discontinued models.) I bought one of the "nicer" models that Walmart carries, but even their pricier models are still cheapos. That I only paid 50% retail for. Whatever, as long a
  18. My mortgage FINALLY reported. And I still need to close all the small BS vulture cards. I have a Best Buy Visa with an annual fee and like a $300 limit, still have Credit One that I haven't closed and Merrick. I think it's safe to close them all now.
  19. I know. I was shocked at both of them. Barclay isn't known to pass out CLI generously. Amex seems to do their 3x thing if you ask. Barclay gave me $1.8k and Amex gave me $3k.
  20. In other news, Barclay and Amex both gave me unsolicited CLI so there's that. And my mortgage is apparently the world's slowest bank to report.
  21. They don't charge me a pile of BS fees, so while they may not necessarily be a prime issuer, they're not a subprime vulture company.
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