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  1. Bought some furniture at a local store and got it financed through Wells Fargo. It was 0% interest for a year. I wound up missing the first payment because I thought it was set up on automatic payments (it wasn't). I had the money and have not been late with a payment since and have paid much more than the minimum payments. I sent a complaint through the BBB and they replied with a letter that said they asked the furniture company and they furniture company said that they didn't tell us we were set up on automatic payments, and have not removed the 30 day late. Do I have any options left? This
  2. First one I couldn't tell because I had an amex card backdate at the same time. Waiting to see how the other one effects it.
  3. Closed secure card and got $2k deposit back. Also closed platinum card because of the $hitty $750 limit. Great starter cards, but glad to be rid of them.
  4. I also recently got a prequal from a company that wants 6 months reserves for 3 or 4 units... I'd like to see if there are companies that require less. Also, middle FICO is around 675 or so. First time home buyer.
  5. I'm looking for a VA Lender whose guidelines allow for an owner occupied fourplex purchase. So far I can't do it through Quicken loans because I have a few chargeoffs (low amounts) that they said needed to be paid off FOR A YEAR before they could do the loan, and a different company that didn't allow for fourplexes. This is in the state of Texas, by the way. Thanks!
  6. Do lenders pull a different Experian model or something?
  7. Well the taxes wouldn't be an issue, but I certainly don't want to commit fraud. Yes, her attorney is on it. She had an amateur do her taxes, and now we're paying for it.
  8. It's a community property state. I can DTI no problem for the houses I'm looking at, but she has some federal liens that she's getting removed that show up on her report which would disqualify us. Can I just apply as single?
  9. I was an AU on an account several years ago that never reported to the bureaus. Any chance I could get d* back to that date?
  10. And this my friend is what its all about!! COngratulations Sir! Continue to go higher... you've earned it!! Thanks!
  11. Started on this board about 9 years ago, and have teetered between low-mid 500s to low 600s pretty much the entire time due to unemployment(s) Since then, with the help of CB, I've had 20+ collections removed, till now none remain. Started with Cap One secured, then Cap One unsecured, used them for about a year, got a USAA card (full member), waited for about 9 months, then recently got Barclays Rewards and Amex Delta skymiles. The Barlcays reported today, so pulled my TU FICO, and: http://i.imgur.com/LYx1Ta1.png
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