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  1. Hello all!, I recently just closed on a house a few weeks ago, and as I'm getting everything settled in, there are a few things that I need (washer, dryer, lawn mower, etc.) I was looking at some of the deals that these 2 stores had, and wondered if any of you had an recommendations between the 2. From what I've read, Lowe's is Sync and Home Depot is CITI. I took a look at the credit pulls data base, but there was little to go on from there, as most were from years ago. Thanks!
  2. Thanks. Any advice on where to get pre approved from ?
  3. Hello all. I haven’t posted much in this forum, but spent all last year working on and rebuilding my credit to be able to purchase a home. After being successful and finally seeing all of my negative TLs fall off today, I pulled my Fico to see what mortgage scores were. Fico 8’s are 725, 707, and 672. My mortgage scores are 692, 689, and 672. If I calculated my DTI correctly it comes out at 36%. (gross monthly income \ monthly expenses. A few questions; are my scores and DTI good enough to qualify? And about $1900 of my monthly income is commissions (it can go up, but 1900 is the floor) how would a lender see a base salary + commission income? Would that hold me back any? I’ve got w2’s and pay Stubbs with the same company going back 5 years showing consistent monthly income in this range. And would a local CU be best to try to go through rather than one of the online lenders? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. So, I've been posting the last 6 months about EQ being the one who completely refused to remove any of my 5 negative items. I had success with EX, and TU, I tried multiple Jack Attacks with EQ, CFPB complaints twice on their response and refusal to investigate or correct the wrong information on all of these TL's. I finally gave up on them as they were scheduled to drop off of EQ in late 2018, and TU and EX were now clean. So, I go and refresh my free 3 report on CCT this morning, and the score didn't change much for EQ ( it was around 650, and increased to 672) so I didn't think much. When I clicked on the details... ALL 5 negatives were gone!. Don't know how, or why. It has been a while since I ordered a MyFico, so I went ahead did that to make sure CCT wasn't off. Yep, all still gone. I'm wondering why my scores vary so much EX is at 725 now, TU at 707, and EQ at 672. Almost identical profiles on each one... Anyway, maybe there's hope for some of you others having issues with getting things removed on EQ a little bit early!!, or maybe I just got lucky... either way, I'll take that win. Thanks
  5. Hello all, After having success with removing the CO's and baddies from EX and TU, I have an old auto loan (Wells Fargo) from around 2010 that has some lates on it between 2011 and 2013. It was ultimately paid off and closed, but wanted to see if you all had some success stories for removing the lates. Throughout my repair last year, this was disputed as an account all together whether it was via Jack Attack or other methods, but has remained. I thought about going after the late payments now to see if I might have some success that way. EX: 2011: Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec 2012: Oct, Nov, Dec 2013: Jan, Mar, Apr, May, June, Jul EQ: 2011: Jan, May, July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec 2012: Oct, Nov, Dec 2013: Jan, Mar, Apr, May, June, July TU: 2011: May, July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec 2012: Oct, Nov, Dec 2013: Jan, Mar, Apr, May, June Thanks!
  6. Thanks for the replies. I’ll hold off on adding another Amex. Just hate having other cards at 17k, and 10k and 2 low limit Amex’s. Maybe I’ll try again around the middle of the year to increase both of them. The last time I asked for increases, my EX score was around 650. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. After double digit phone calls to get an old Cap one CO removed from EX, I finally got a car that removed it yesterday. Checked CCT this morning and score increased to 724!!. This was 662 yesterday. So, I have a question.... I now have 5 cards, and I had planned on letting them garden with that number. I've gotten in with AMEX with 2 cards, but both with low $1000 limits. I've tried the 3x CLI, but was denied for both. Should I apply for just one more AMEX to get a higher limit now that my score is at 724? or leave it alone and let them continue to garden? Thanks!
  8. What were those items? It could be the way the creditor reported it to Experian. One is a CO from Capital One, the other is an old Macy’s store card. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. I just tried the 7th and 8th time to get 2 items deleted from Experian that are scheduled to fall off in March.... less than 30 days away. No dice. The last guy told me to call back the last week of February. So it looks like EX is as stubborn as Equifax now. I've had NO luck with them on deleting any earlier. TU was great, 6 months out, deleted within days of dispute
  10. Well, after call #5, and #6 right after. I was told absolutely not, they cannot delete these items, and they will remain until 3/18. Looks like EX is not going to budge on any early obsoletes now.
  11. Trying for the 5th time right now to get the last 2 negitives removed from EX, scheduled to fall off 3/18 (1.5 months away). With those who have had luck, what talk track did you have luck with? I've been stone walled every time I've called EX, and I see people getting things removed 3 months out with them. BTW.. the number I've had success with getting in touch with a live person is 800-493-1058. Thanks!
  12. Just called and finally spoke to someone with EX. I have 2 TL's scheduled to drop off in March, and 1 that was scheduled to drop off the 14th of this month. The rep stated that he could go ahead and delete the one scheduled for this month, but he absolutely couldn't do anything about the 2 scheduled to fall off in March. Guess I'll call back and wait another 40 minutes to get someone, lol.
  13. I have this question as well. All of the numbers that I searched for and found only give me the option for order my score, or order my report. Tried pushing 0 and saying operator, but no go.

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