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  1. By the way, to follow up here, I got my (personal and) business account with First Tech Fed Checking and savings on both sides Thanks for all assistance All good with them so far. Except Zelle limit at $500 and no business Zelle or ACH.
  2. Hello all, I'm looking into taking out a secured loan. (I did this years ago with Alliant and it worked wonders). Question - does the amount of the loan make any difference? If I take a $500 loan vs a $5000 or $50,000 loan - does it look any different on my credit? (Notably I'll be paying it down to 9% of course, right away). Thanks
  3. I am in New York Wells Fargo actually declined me for an account and sent me a letter about EWS (that's in fact how I found out about this issue) Maybe apply with First Tech Fed then... Edit: First Tech Fed won't work for me in New York (as far as I can tell) since they don't have branches here and business account can't be opened online it seems. Unless I'm wrong and after becoming a member that's possible to do online Thanks
  4. Hello I'm trying to open a business checking account Have an Account Abuse thing on EWS I searched and searched and can't find much here on this Any help is appreciated Specifics: Chexsystems was good last time I checked, not long ago I will fight the negative thing somehow; but that will be next I assume I don't have to worry right now about my personal accounts being closed due to EWS?? It's a brand new business just incorporated I found on CreditBoards possible options: Bank of the West (they only look at EIN not signers?) Woodforest National Bank Nothing else so clear Maybe credit unions? Call and ask Someone keeps a list of this stuff? Or used to? I could have my wife open the account, but she's not listed in the articles of incorporation... For the record: The negative report on EWS is a $700 paid overdraft from Chase. I tried making the payment like 5 times and I even got a confirmation number from them, the ACH payments never left my account. I was told it won't go to EWS cause less than 30 days, etc., etc., etc., - ended up being more like 90 days and made it to EWS. Took place between July to September, so a couple months ago. Shoulda just gone to the bank to make the payment or just not paid for the same price. Anyway
  5. Hi All, I'm a long time listener first time caller. Posting to hear feedback, even though I know some may be critical. My credit has issues, I am for now just passively rebuilding, i.e. maintaining positive TLs and waiting for things to drop off my report. Started working on DW's credit recently. Built up decent TL's, then just did an app spree. Her profile is below, let's see how this stands up to you guys! Old Accounts: BofA Platinum Plus, $1,800 CL, 9.1 years old Macy's, $1,500 CL, 9.0 years old Chase British Airways, $12,000 CL, 5.6 years Amex Starwood, $17,700 CL, 4.0 years (recent auto CLI) *EQ has another closed BofA account still reporting, ~11 years, helping AAOA Newer Accounts: Chase Marriott, $15,800 CL, 1.3 years Chase United, $17,000 CL, 1.1 years Discover It, $11,500, 1.0 years Amex HHonors, $3,000, 0.7 years (recent requested CLI) Chase Fairmont, $30,000, 0.3 years App Spree: Citi Diamond, $6,000 Cap1 Spark Business, $5,000 BofA Cash Rewards, $16,000 BofA Cash Rewards, $16,000 (accidentally applied for same card twice) Alliant FCU, $15,000 Andrew's FCU, Pending First Tech, Declined Other Accounts: Alliant FCU, Secured loan, 8% balance etc. Car Lease, Brand new Only negative item is one 30 day late which will fall off in 4 months. 5-10 inquiries per report Utilization fluctuates, right now it happens to be high (by mistake, like 45% - won't do that again after this month). Usually less than 30%. Credit scores seem to fluctuate, highest was EQ 793 last month, right now TU seems to be at 639 (thin file, low AAOA I guess - ~3.56 currently, will be 2.17 after new acounts). New cards have not reported yet to credit bureaus, have not yet been activated. Now my questions: First of all - feedback? Second of all - please don't rip me apart. Third: Follow up on Andrew's? How? First Tech I don't plan on doing recon, I don't even want that many accounts on the report, just figured some would be denied... LMK plz if that is an incorrect position. Balance transfers - bad idea? Or no worries? I would like to process a BofA BT for up to $10,000, and possible one more similar size BT in a few months. Next Steps? Garden? CLI's? Thanks for such a great forums. Hope this goes over well!
  6. Thanks all I actually once posted here https://creditboards.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=455873&do=findComment&comment=4392742 I used to read this when I had credit... Then I messed it all up. I'm passively working on rebuilding, as in waiting for things to fall off and maintaining a few good lines. But now I started building credit for DW so back here. I actually opened a few cards for her for the exact reason as OP - to stash away money in 401k, IRA, etc., and pay back over time, while earning interest and getting a tax break. Now I'm getting cold feet when it comes to doing BT. BofA fraud already contacted my wife last week because I called as her... bad idea... I think I'm going to avoid doing anything other than regular spending on the cards and hope for the best. I'll just pay interest this month on the card I was planning on sending the BT to. Thanks everyone for such a great forums! Wow! You joined CB in 2009 and today is your 1st post!
  7. Hey, I'm basically a lurker. But did had some credit action recently, so I guess I'll get involved! Just wondering how this story ends... Hope its a happy ending I was just about to do a BT on a new BofA card, so checking here first
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