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  1. I just started selling on ebay about 4 months ago and have done fairly well selling there. I don't know if I can continue to be profitable though with this huge fee increase. It seems as though they're trying to get rid of small time sellers.
  2. That is a gorgeous ring. Congrats to both of you!
  3. Curious


    I finally saw one of those Hoarders show. Disgusting! A lady was using diapers because she couldn't use her bathroom because of junk, she was just throwing the used soiled diapers in the bathroom and leaving them there. Disgusting! Yuck!
  4. I've seen them on sale at Niemans. I bought me one last year.
  5. I hate their website. It's so hard to navigate.
  6. One of my friends saw the dad on Nancy Grace and she had the same suspicious as you. I, however, haven't seen or heard anything that makes me suspicious of the dad.
  7. Buyers are now doing the same thing. They're using feedback as extortion to get what they want since they know sellers can't leave negative feedback. If they were going stop negative feedback for buyers then they should have stopped it for sellers also.
  8. Disagree. EBay has made itself at least part of the problem by instituting poorly thought out and ridiculous new policies in response to issues that needed to be addressed. The fact that you can't leave negative feedback for buyers is a big problem.

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