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  1. Technically they still have your business cause you still have to pay the balances on those cards. They just don't want "more" of your business.
  2. My (insert whatever word you want to call it here) check is getting sent right back to the government... lol. I owe 2,200 bucks on my taxes this year... so thank you government for paying my tax bill heh.
  3. Awe...who can resist that? He's 5 years old now.... lol.
  4. Haha, hi!!!! I didn't think anybody would remember me.... I saw you had posted in this thread and wondered if you would notice. How are you?
  5. NavChek has a 15k limit...they don't go higher. I had a situation where I refinanced my house but they wanted me to close some of my credit accounts. My NavChek was one of them.... I did not want to do it so I devised a scheme that I worked out with a manager at NFCU. I closed the account but they lowered the limit down to 500 dollars before they closed it. Also note, you can only ever have 1 NavChek tied to one checking account. Once my refinance was closed, I called the manager back and he helped me reapply for a new NavChek but it had to be on a new checking account. The reason why I had to lower the other down to 500 before I closed it, is that their system has some wonky thing with them and will only ever allow you to have a 15k limit on them even if you have a closed one. At least I think that was the reason... I'm a bit fuzzy on why I had to make sure I lowered the limit before I closed it... anyhoo... I applied for the new NavChek on the new checking account and it was approved for 14.5k and it lowered the interest rate by like 1 or 2%. I think it's 8.9% now or something which is better than some of my credit cards ... I only got 14.5k because of the other one with the 500 dollar limit. Also, alternatively, you can send Navy a secured message and once a year they will do a complementary rate check on your accounts. If your score qualifies you for a lower interest rate, they will bump you down. Hope that helps.
  6. Well none of the houses around here go for less than 150k. We were trying to find some mobile homes on land. This is why I was asking about the 502 subsidized loan... I would think there would have be some sort of grant programs or assistance programs that could help with housing. We live in Virginia and don't even have section 8 voucher program now.
  7. I have a question...not sure you guys can help but thought I would ask. I have been trying to figure out this USDA Direct 502 loan program and can't seem to do it. My mother is 62 and disabled and makes about 730 a month in SSI. From reading about this loan program... it sounds like it would be a slam dunk to getting her into a home. She doesn't have anywhere to live (except with me) and we keep getting told she doesn't make enough money to be very low income. But, I thought the whole point of this program was to subsidize people to help them actually get into a safe home and give them a reasonable mortgage? Does anybody know the ins and outs of this program? Also curious, do housing grants actually exist? Our state is Virginia and the VHDA programs are fairly limited for very low income people.
  8. Could you take over updating and maintaining this thread? JFCU has a maximum exposure level they will give you though based on your "profile". So, for example I had a 40k credit card with them and I then wanted a personal loan. They told me 40k was my max and if I wanted the personal loan, I'd have to lower the limit on my credit card.
  9. Does Discover have an executive customer service email address? I tried searching online for some email addresses but so far I haven't gotten any responses from addresses I used. They didn't come back as non deliverable, so I'm not sure if they weren't good or if I'm being ignored. Thanks in advance!
  10. Well I didn't want to call them.... I hate talking on the phone.
  11. Anybody have a recon contact for US Bank? I tried asking for either a fax number or snail mail address to their customer support and all I got was please call us. When I called the dude wasn't any help either.

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