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  1. no, it hasn't gotten that far yet. it's only been ~2 weeks since i received the letter. although it's been since June since i "won" the dispute and AMEX refunded me.
  2. Long story short. I recently used a moving company to move across the country. I paid 50% up front and the rest was due when they delivered my stuff. The time I was told would be 7-11 business days from the time they picked up my stuff. After day 5 of driving myself across the country, I called the moving company and was told they hadn't left yet because I hadn't told them when they should ship my stuff. I told them when they picked up my stuff that I was expecting them to ship immediately. They of course have no record of this phone conversation. They ended up delivering my stuff 3 weeks later which is also longer than 7-11 days. I had given them my AMEX # and they charged the remaining balance. I went ahead and disputed the charge. In the interim, AMEX charged back the amount. The merchant never replied to AMEX and attempted to charge me again. I disputed it again, and again the merchant never responded to AMEX. The 2nd time, I told AMEX to block the merchant from charging me again. They went ahead and did so and a few days later I got a call from the merchant about the charge. I told them that I was disputing the charge and they need to follow the process that AMEX has with them. I never heard from them again. A few weeks later, I get a call from a debt collector. They sent me to collections. I want to dispute the charge because they did not deliver their service as agreed. What letter should I use or action should I take? I can pay the balance but I want the merchant to suffer. As a result of their screw up, I had to live in my new home with zero furniture and only a few days worth of clothes. I had to go out and buy a bed to have something to sleep on.
  3. about 8 yrs ago i finally paid off a card (Sears) that was deliquent for a few yrs. I originally opened it up in 1994. i charged up about $3k on it. i paid off 1/2 but then stopped paying on it. (i was 22). so about 8yrs ago as i said when i decided to pay off debts and wanting to buy a house etc...i paid off the debt, settled it. i called the debt collector and settled for about 80% of the total. anyway, that is over 7yrs ago and it still shows on my credit report. my cr says i have no negatives, it shows a $0 balance but it is still listed and it shows that i was late. my score is in the high 700's so i'm not too concerned about it but i get the feeling it's affecting me from breaking the 800's. is there anyway i can get this off my CR?
  4. no but have you noticed all those signs you see inyou neighborhood where you can make $5000 a week from home? wouldn't you think if they made that kind of $$$ they would be able to afford real advertising and not a bunch of cardboard signs posted along side the road?
  5. having only $225 a month left over is pretty dangerous. if something happens like your car breaks down or you get sick or whatever you'll be screwed. what are the balances on your fixed debts? what i would do is immediately suspend all savings payments and focus on one bill at a time and pay each off. that will give u more at the end of the month. until those bills are paid down, i would not put anything into savings. u are probably paying the minimum on those credit cards and by the time you're done, the money you could save by paying them off quicker would be equal or or greater than the $$$ you put into savings.
  6. I keep a spreadsheet of all my expenses. how i do my bills is i use Outlook and I create Tasks for each bill and its due date so I get a reminder when a bill is due. I pay ALL my bills online either through my bank or on the bills own site if there is one. I put the hyperlink to the login page in the task body along with the login info because I use different passwords for security. Each month, I go through and pay all my bills at once and schedule them out according to their due dates. On things like my quads and my car, I pay MORE than the minimum same for my credit cards. My balances are really low now so I'm looking at getting back $600 a month here soon. My surplus fluctuates but I always make sure I have at least $1000 to play with. Sometimes my gas isn't so high and sometimes Misc is a lot lower as well as food. I estimate high numbers. I have categorized my statements before and those totals never go above my estimate listed. The other cool thing about my spreadsheet is the forumulas I have. If I change any bills or income or whatever, all the other totals are updated automatically. Let's me keep track of everything coming in and out really well. Bill Amount Due Date Balance Mortgage $1,421.00 1st Truck $620.00 25th Kathy Loan $200.00 1st Car $600.00 20th Amex $200.00 8th $500 Quads $475.00 15th Insurance $160.00 25th Comcast $125.00 15th Home Depot $0.00 15th Cell Phone $115.00 15th WAMU Card $200.00 15th $2500 Gator Card $200.00 1st $800 NetFlix $25.00 25th Trendwest $150.00 25th Les Schwab $0.00 15th Utility $150.00 25th Subtotal: $4,941.00 Gas $325.00 Food $400.00 Misc $300.00 Total Bills: $5,966.00 Total Income: $7,464.00 Surplus: $1,498.00
  7. lol. Anything on your wishlist? mostly i use the cards for trips which i pay off by the time we take them. i went to rome this past june for 2 weeks. that was 10k, booked it 9mos out, it's paid for. going to FL in sept. that's gonna be $2k easily, it's mostly paid for.
  8. havent gotten around to it yet and didnt want to risk hurting my score by closing an acct.
  9. another update. well i've more than doubled my income in the last few yrs so i've taken on more credit. i have about 5 cards: AMEX: $5k limit WAMU: $9500 limit (i asked for 10k but they gave me 9500???, weird) Chase: i hate chase but it's a UF gator card so i couldn't resist, 10k limit HSBC: $400 limit (this one was $3k but i never used it because it had a high rate so they lowered it on me and won't bump it back up) Home Depot: $7500 limit Suzuki card: $7500 limit except for my suzuki card which i got in store when i bought my quads, the balance on most of them is under 1000. the wamu one is 3k and i'll be paying that off in sept when i get my bonus at work. in my first post on this thread, my score was around 560-600. my score is now up to 740.
  10. well 4yrs have gone by since i've posted on this thread, i thought it'd be fun to go over what's happened for me in that time. well i don't think i have such a harsh outlook on cc's as i did however i still am against keeping a ton of debt open on a bunch of cards. also, i have gotten a new job and my wife has been promoted so we have more than doubled our income since 04. we bought a house and i have about 5 cc's that i mostly rotate the use of. i have a University of Florida card that i use when we fly to FL or when i buy stuff for my gator room. them i have one i use when i buy computer parts and stuff.
  11. i always put "see id" on my cards. i know you're not supposed to do that but it's so easy to fake signatures and people will overlook a signature but you can't overlook a picture.
  12. I've had the card for 3-4 months. i think my next statement gets cut on the 5th. i'll see after that. so you're saying in the future i can pay anytime i want, i don't have to wait till each statement comes do i? all my other cards, when i got them new, i could in and pay anytime i want. i dont get how AMEX is like this. they are probably the biggest CC in the world...
  13. So i get one of those "gold cards" with no preset spending limit. i make a few purchases on them. i get the balance up to $500. i want to go pay off the full balance online and its "no payment due at this time". i'm like hmmm, ok i wait a few days, "no payment due at this time". soon im like wtf?? why can't i pay my balance off? so i called them this morning and i'm on my 3rd call w/ them and they put me on hold and then i eventually get cut off. before i got put on hold im like look, i want to be able to pay off my balance anytime i want. i want to be able to go buy something, wait till i get paid that next week and then pay off the balance. thatis how i manage my credit except for when i make bigger purchases then i pay it off in big lumps. i NEVER EVER just pay the minimum balance.... is this some sort of scam? it seems like they are giving a small window to pay your bill on the hopes you forget about it and then they can charge you late fee's....
  14. This is a new one on me. I know a few years ago there was a push to have the IRS change their rules concerning PMI and to make it tax deductable. But last I had heard that went nowhere. fla-tan my sister told me that if u have to pay it when u buy your first house, if the value of your house goes up by like 20% you can call them and tell u not to charge u for it. u may need to pay $400 for an assessment but it may be worth it.
  15. yes it's all true. your house is your most important ticket to fixing your credit and bldg your nestegg.

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