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  1. What's in your Wallet??? Oh yea its Capital Ones Hand!!!! AF? give me a break....
  2. Thanks Everyone for posting to my question....I think I will go ahead and pay off the loan and have the great feeling of driving a loan free auto.
  3. Hi everyone..I have been a member for some time on this site and can proudly say that 4 years ago my FICO score was at 652 and now I can report that I am at 809 thanks to all the great informaion on this board. My question is and I hope that I get some answers to this question....I have a car loan that I am in a position to pay off now and I'm concerned that by paying off after only 8 months will hurt my score in the long run.I have plenty of open credit cards with zero util. Any help is greatly appreciated....
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  5. Received Dear John letter from Crap One informing me that they have CLOSED my HSBC Discover card....Good!!!! saves me from calling them to close it...
  6. Well, it finally happened today I received my "Dear John" letter from Capital One regarding my HSBC Discover card....Card was cancelled due to inactivity. I had the Junk Discover card from HSBC ($500.00) for 5 years now and was one of my first cards that I received on a counter offer from Discover while rebuilding my credit file. As my credit score improved I just made a few charges on the HSBC Discover a few time a year. I has a Orchard card and Capital one card when I first started my rebuilding process for a total of 3 cards....about 4 years ago I fired Capital one because of no credit limit on cards and they were charging AF and would not budge from charging....So, told them to hit the road. When I first saw that Crap One was taking over HSBC credit cards my thoughts were how long till they tell me to hit the road...Well, from what I have found out it did not take them long....However, I do thank them for helping me rebuild my credit score and no hard feelings....Just glad the drama has ended.
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  9. I received this offer from sears today and after being a sears cardholder for about 5 years and at one time had both the sears store card and sears gold MasterCard I did not use either card for about 3 years except for the occasional charge on the store card. Then one day I decided to use the MasterCard only to find out that it had been closed without being notified...I think they may want to convert my account to the MC so that they can close it when I do not use it like they want. I have not found anyone that has had a sears store card closed for non use...but, on the other hand sears MC closed for non use is quite ramped. Just my thoughts.

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