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  1. I had a Zync (now retired charge card aimed at young professionals) and a legacy Blue Cash when I was 19 a few years ago.
  2. What does a G have to do around here to get one of those fancy bump influence titles?
  3. Remember, purchases of at least $299 are always 0% for 12 months with the Walmart card. Use that offer instead.
  4. Yes, this is a targeted offer. Many on FatWallet with FIA-issued cards have talked about getting targeted offers like this. There's usually a thread about it once a quarter.
  5. Posters from 2011, are you talking about one of the old Priceline products or the new one?
  6. It's not counting your CREDITEXPERT inquiries for some reason. You have 23 of those, but 3 of them (07/29/11, 06/29/11, 05/28/11) are older than your oldest hard, so they won't help you at all (but you know you're getting close when you bump them off). You also have at least 5 Equifax inquiries that are helping you. Your total, then, is about 44, which means you're about 41 daily pulls away (or 21 twice-daily pulls, 14 three-times-daily pulls, or 9 four-times-daily pulls). Unless you somehow avoid getting chopped this month, you're going to lose most of those softs in about one to two weeks.
  7. I can confirm that EQUIFAX inquiries are contributing to B*. This means that pulling your backdoor report will add an additional soft that contributes to B*, even if you are doing this in addition to Equifax Complete.
  8. I really wish I could view my TU backdoor. Somehow, I was able to bump an inquiry that was less than 20 days old, but it's been a few more days and I haven't yet bumped an inquiry that occurred on the same day. There shouldn't have been any soft inquiries between these two.
  9. They can't "go after your bank account" unless they have a judgment, or this is something like a student loan or tax debt. They could try to sewer serve you and obtain a default judgment, but that's a different issue entirely. If they're threatening to drain your bank account without being legally able to do so, that may be a violation.
  10. The real profit on their subprime products comes from late payment fees, annual fees, etc. They would much rather you have two $500 limits cards than one $1000 limit card, since that doubles their potential fee revenue.
  11. I'm waiting on a PM. I'm curious to see how this trick interacts with what I'm already pulling. Yes, you probably should. Also, be prepared to send out at least a couple hundred PM's. It's what happened to me a long time ago when the old Creditkeeper trick worked (which sadly it doesn't anymore). Also, one thing that helped me was I had a text file with everything written out and saved it. It made it easier to reply to each PM by a simple copy/paste. I remember that. I was just putting the finishing touches on the Firefox extension that made your trick into a feature on the site when they closed that one up in the site upgrade.
  12. The unamended FCRA gives the CRAs 30 days to complete disputes. The FACTA amends the FCRA to allow a free annual report in addition to the other reasons, but it gives the CRAs 45 days in that case. If your dispute isn't finished within 30 days from a backdoor report, you should be able to leverage a deletion. Of course, you shouldn't be disputing from your online reports IMO. Get paper copies.
  13. Some issuers maintain an internal blacklist and will remember the debt forever, not allowing you to get new credit products. Are these paid judgments?
  14. Thanks for trying to find the information first, but don't be afraid to ask. A hard copy is a version that is under your control as opposed to the CRA, so it expires when you destroy it rather than when the CRA decides to get rid of it from their website. You might need to refer back to a really old report. Also, online versions tend to display credit report data in strange ways... even if you pull the official online reports straight from the CRAs, there's still a good chance that they won't show all of the information or might show something differently than it actually appears on your report. Get the paper copies if you intend to do anything other than simply check up on the reports. If you obtain your free annual report under the FACT Act, the CRA has 45 days to respond to any disputes you initiate from it. A purchased report gives them 30 days to repond. That 15 days could easily mean the difference between verified and deleted. Unless you're pulling an insane number of reports (thousands, maybe?) a year, no bad can come from this. Using a daily puller can be a great way to track changes in your reports. Of course, third party monitoring services are even worse than the online office reports when it comes to data mangling, so don't expect these reports to be 100% accurate. Use daily pullers to track changes, and when the changes that you were waiting for actually occur, order your official report to view them if need be. If you want daily pulls, USAA's Credit Check Monitoring Premium is a decent and fairly-priced service. You could use it to monitor changes in your reports, but order paper copies for everything else. Start by buying your official paper reports and dispute from those. Your disputes will provide you with free and up-to-date replacement paper copies.
  15. You do realize that bank accounts have nothing to do with credit history, right? Also, while unlikely, if those two mortgages and one car loan are held by smaller banks, it's quite possible that they're not reporting to Equifax.

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